Passport Renewal Passport Renewal




Application for a new Malaysia Passport at the Immigration office in the Embassy of Malaysia in Beijing has to be submitted together with the following supporting documents:

a)    Two recent photograph with dark blue background;

b)    Applicant’s Identity Card (IC) and 2 photocopy of the IC;

c)    Applicant’s current passport and 2 photocopy of every pages of the passport;

d)    Passport Application Form; (which can be downloaded from or at the Immigration counter at the Embassy)

e)    Payment for the fee of RMB 650 (48 pages)


If any of the required documents such as IC and current passport is lost, kindly attach POLICE REPORT with the application. Replacement of IC is not available at the Embassy, kindly apply in Malaysia. (


Please be informed that the new passport will be produced within 3 months as all application will be forwarded to Malaysian Immigration Headquarters, Putrajaya. As the Embassy will not be able to determine exactly the date when the passport is ready, applicant is advised to kindly wait for the information.