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1.         Shanghai is generally a safe and pleasant place to visit, study and work. Malaysian visitors however, are cautioned to be aware of security alerts by the relevant Chinese authorities with regard to threats of terrorism.


2.         The Consulate General of Malaysia has been notified that there are a number of International Syndicates who are targeting Malaysians to be involved in their criminal activities. Those wishing to take up job offers should first verify the status and the offer of the employer.



3.         Malaysians entering China are required to have a visa before entering the country. Visa can be obtained from Chinese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur or other country. Visitors required to fill out the landing document or disembarkation card upon arrival at the point of entry. 


4.         All Malaysian with valid passports are to enter through passageway for Foreigners. 


Social and Business Trips 

5.         A valid Malaysian passport is required to enter China. 


6.         Malaysians can enter China with a visa for up to one (1) month for social visits. Please take note it is a mandatory for visitor who are not staying at the hotel to register themselves with the nearest police station within 24 hours from the time of their entry in China.


7.         Any proposed stay in China for periods longer than one (1) month for employment or study requires a Chinese resident permit/special approval and different type of visa. More details on the subject can be obtained from Chinese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


8.         Questions asked by Chinese immigration officers usually pertain to purpose of visit, duration, place to stay, return ticket and amount of money brought in to ensure there are sufficient funds during the stay.


9.         Malaysians entering China for holiday do not require any specific inoculations of vaccinations. However, Malaysians are advised to be alert to China requirements and preventive measures it may take to contain diseases.


10.        It is strictly prohibited for foreigners to collect or export relics, coins, etc. found at historical sites.



11.       China operates a channel system to simplify customs control, namely: 

            (a)                 Normal Channel for those with goods to declare and/or are uncertain as to wether they should declare. 

            (b)        Green Lane for those who have nothing to declare.


12.       Nevertheless, whatever channel is used, it does not preclude any visitor from being checked by the Customs authorities.


13.       Firearms, foodstuff and livestock are subject to strict regulations in China. Malaysians should be aware those foodstuffs deemed to be animal derived products such as, anchovies, dried squids, rendang, etc. may be confiscated. However, the regulations are constantly changing and it is best to check with the Chinese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur for an update.


Currency Regulation 

14.       There is no limit on the amount of foreign or Chinese currency (RMB/Yuan) that may be brought into China, but not more than RMB 20,000.00/USD 5,000.00 worth of currency may be taken out of the country.


Medical Treatment 

15.       Malaysians visiting China are advised to purchase medical insurance from reputable and internationally recognized companies against the cost of any emergency hospital care, repatriation and specialist fees.


Safety and Security 

16.       Shanghai is generally a safe place for visitors. Thefts usually pick pocketing, occur at tourist sites such as in Nanjing Road, Yu Yuan Garden, The Bund, People’s Square, main shopping areas and on public transport. Most items stolen are wallet, hand phone, passport, hand bag and jewelry.


17.       Crime is not a big problem in Shanghai relative to other major cities in the world. Be sure to take normal precautions in keeping track of valuables in crowded areas and not leave valuables in cars and hotel rooms. It is important not to go wandering in isolated parts, especially at night. Use your own judgement and act as you would do in any other cosmopolitan city.


18.       In Shanghai, it is illegal to carry around offensive weapons including knives, guns or tear gas for personal protection. However, it is allowed for individuals to carry personal alarm systems including whistles.


19.       Avoid walking alone in poorly lit and deserted areas such as back streets and secluded car parks.


20.       Malaysian visitors are cautioned too be prudent and not to leave their bags or personal belongings unattended at subways, bus terminals, railway stations and airports.


21.       Malaysian visitors are advised to be alert to announcements regarding security threats in public areas.


22.       During such security alerts, troops and police may be deployed at public areas including public transportation terminals and airports.


23.       Malaysian visitors are advised to cooperate with Chinese security personnel for checks including body search and personal belongings.


Personal Documents 

24.      Prior to travelling to China, always have photocopies of passports, Malaysian identity cards and birth certificates. The original identity cards and birth certificates should be securely kept in Malaysia. Certified copies are required in the event of loss, accidents or death.


Loss of Personal Belongings 

25.        Always keep pertinent personal belongings in the hotel safe.


26.       In the event of a loss of personal belongings, Malaysians are advised make a police report at the nearest police station. This will facilitate any insurance claim and replacement of relevant documents including passports.


27.       Loss of travel documents should be reported to the Consulate General of Malaysia or Malaysian Embassy. Please bring along copy of the police report to obtain an Emergency Certificate for travel back to Malaysia.


Travel Insurance 

28.        It is advisable to purchase travel insurance to cover cancellation or curtailment of visit to the China, theft, loss of money and possession and the cost of medical treatments.


Accidents and Deaths 

29.       Malaysian visitors are to contact the Consular Section at the Consulate General of Malaysia in Shanghai in case of accidents or deaths for assistance.


30.       In cases of deaths, natural and otherwise, the Chinese authorities may require a post-mortem by a coroner to determine the cause of death, subject to consent from the family of the deceased.


31.       The death certificate and an embalmment certificate issued by the undertaker to next of kin is to be forwarded to the Consular section of the Consulate General of Malaysia in Shanghai together with the deceased’s travel documents-passport and/or IC for the issuances of the Letter of Certification of Death for purposes of bringing back the body to Malaysia. The passport and IC of the deceased will be retained by the Consulate General of Malaysia.


Registration of Births 

32.       Malaysians living and studying in Shanghai that have a newborn baby are required to register the baby within one year from the date of birth at the Consulate General of Malaysia in Shanghai. If the child exceeds one year old, the application will have to be referred to the National Registration Department in Malaysia. The registrations forms can be obtained at the following:-


            Consulate General of Malaysia

            No. 500 Hongbaoshi Road

            Dawning Centre – 9th Floor Block B

            Changning District, 201103



            The website of the National Registration Department: http://


33.       The above is applicable if the child’s father is a Malaysian or both parents are Malaysians. Documents required for the registration of births are:

             (a)         Passports of both parents 

             (b)         Identity cards and/or birth certificates of both parents 

             (c)         Malaysian marriage certificate

             (d)         Marriage certificate in China, re-registered at the Consulate General  of Malaysia (if applicable) 

            (e)          Local birth certificate of the child (which has been notarized and  endorsed by Foreign Affairs Office).

             (f)           Three photographs of the child


Registration of Marriages 

34.       The marriages of non-Muslim Malaysians and Malaysians with non-Malaysians must be registered at the Consulate General of Malaysia within six months from the date or solemnization of the marriage.


35.       Marriage registration forms can be obtained at the Consular Section of the Consulate General of Malaysia or from the website of the Malaysian National Registration Department:


36.       The completed form, original marriage certificate, passport and identity card as well as two passport-size photographs of the married couple must be submitted to the Consular Section. The couple has to be present to sign the marriage certificate at the Consular Section of the Consulate General of Malaysia to confirm the registration of the marriage.


37.       For Muslim marriages, couples are advised to refer to the Consular Officer at the Consulate General of Malaysia for further details. Please take note that the Consulate do not issue certificate for Muslim marriages overseas.


Important Contacts


            Consulate General of Malaysia

            No. 500 Hongbaoshi Road

            Dawning Centre, Block B 9th Floor

            Changning District, 201103


            Tel: +86-21-60900360




            Tourism Malaysia Office

            Unit 1109 (11th Floor)

            CITIC Square, 1168 Nanjing Xi Lu

            Jing An District, Shanghai 200041




            Trade and Investment Section(MATRADE)

            Units 807-809, Level 8, Shanghai Kerry Centre

            1515 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai 200040




            Investment Section (MIDA)

            Units 807-809, Level 8, Shanghai Kerry Centre

            No.1515 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai 20041

            Tel: +86-21-62894547



            Malaysia Airlines (MAS)

            Unit 2508, 25th Floor, Tian An Centre

            No. 338 West Nanjing Road

            Shanghai 200003

            Tel: +86-21-23293988

            Fax: +86-21-23293900



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