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Letter of Good Conduct
Malaysians are usually required to prove to local authorities that they are free from any criminal record when applying for visa extension, filing a marriage application, registering a company or buying a property in Algeria. Malaysians who wish to obtain such a proof or so called Letter of Good Conduct, may file their applications to the Embassy by submitting the following:
  • 2 application forms ;
  • 3 recent coloured photos (3.5 x 5cm ) ;
  • Passport ;
  • Identity card ;
  • A fee of RM 20.00 (payable in equivalent amount in local currency).

Applicants are kindly advised to submit their applications well ahead of time as an application for a letter of good conduct usually takes some time to be processed since it has to be referred to and cleared by the competent authorities in Malaysia.


Emergency Certificate

Malaysians are required to immediately report the loss of their passports to nearest local police station. The Embassy, in this case, may issue an Emergency Certificate to those Malaysians to facilitate their return to Malaysia. Requirements for the Emergency Certificate are as follows:

  • An application form (obtainable from the Embassy) ;
  • A questionnaire on the loss of the passport (will be provided by the Embassy) ;
  • 2 recent coloured photos (3.5 x 5cm ) ;
  • Identity card ;
  • Birth certificate (if any) ;
  • Extract copy of the police report ;
  • Emergency Certificate fee of RM 50.00 (payable in equivalent amount in local currency).


Other Services
The Embassy also offers the following services and provides assistance in following cases:
  • Registration of absent voters for qualified Malaysians in Algeria ;
  • Serving judicial documents to defendants in Malaysia or in Algeria ;
  • Obtaining diplomatic clearance for Malaysian aircrafts flying over or landing in the Algerian territory ;
  • Locating missing Malaysians in Algeria ;
  • Arrest of Malaysians in Algeria ;
  • Death of Malaysians in Algeria ; and
  • Emergency situation such as flood, earthquake etc.