Travel Advisory Travel Advisory

Travel Advisory

Safety and Security

Petty crime  - Pickpockets are rampant at metro stations and trains (subways) as well as at major shopping areas.  Beware of your passports, purse / wallets and personal belongings. 

Robberies and thefts often take place even at hotels.  Thieves work in groups and may strike at any time. The Embassy wishes to advise all Malaysians visiting France to remain vigilant and to take care of their belongings, especially handbags, briefcases, etc. while visiting Paris.

Break-ins during traffic jams along major highways between the airport and the hotel do take place.  Be wary and keep your handbags out of sight when in vehicle at all times as snatch thefts also occur.

Terror Alerts France maintains high level of terror alert throughout the country. Armed military and police personnel are patrolling main transit attractions in Paris. Please exercise extra alert and follow their instructions when required. 

Airline Safety Airlines insist on security measures including only allowing passengers to carry a small amount of liquids (100mg) in their carry-on baggage. 

 Do NOT carry or check-in items/ baggage which are not yours. 

 Entry and Exit Requirements

Malaysians do not require visa to travel to France for any visit of less than three months. 

French immigration authorities may deny entry and deport people arriving in France with less than six months validity remaining on their passport. The authorities may deny entry to anyone once they established doubt on your visit to France.

Malaysians are advised to follow all local laws and respect local customs.

Where to Get Help

 In France, you can obtain consular assistance from:

Embassy of Malaysia 
2bis, rue Benouville
Telephone (+331) 45 53 11 85
Facsimile (+331) 47 27 34 60

If you are travelling to France, whatever the reason and however long you will be there, we encourage you to register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia.  You can register in person at the Embassy of Malaysia, Paris or online.  The information you provide will help us to contact you in case of an emergency.

Malaysians who are detained by the French authorities must insist that they call and inform the Embassy of their detention.  The French authorities will not contact the Embassy unless there is a specific request by the detainees to do so.

In the event of a consular emergency, if you are unable to contact the Embassy, you can contact the 24-hour Duty Officer on +33 6 32 60 61 84.


This travel advisory was updated on Monday, 6 January 2015