Bilateral Diplomacy
Bilateral Diplomacy



The relationship between Malaysia and countries in the West Asia have been evolving in the political, economic, social, as well as cultural fields. Relations have been enhanced through close affinity as Malaysia shares common history and religion with the countries in the region.


Over the years, countries in the region have experienced enormous economic growth and have become important sources for both finance and investment. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Kuwait have been at the forefront of growth with expanding infrastructural development programmes. Trade and investments between Malaysia and the countries in the region have been encouraging for these past few years.


Major export items to West Asia countries include petroleum products, palm oil, electrical & electronics products, chemicals and chemical-related products, machinery appliances & parts and jewellery. Among the major import items from West Asia countries include crude and processed petroleum, and chemicals and chemical-related products. The top five trading partners of Malaysia from West Asia countries are UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Iran. Currently several Malaysian companies are doing business in the region. In return, a number of companies from the Gulf States have made significant investments in Malaysia.


Malaysia also played a significant role in the West Asia conflict where various assistance were given to the region which includes Malaysian Peacekeeping mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL), as well as humanitarian aids in the Palestine-Israel and the Yemeni conflict.


Malaysia has established a few Joint Commissions with a number of countries in the region which allow both sides to consult at the Ministerial level on pertinent bilateral and multilateral issues of concern.


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