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To provide corporate communication management services for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




To assist in efforts to improve the service delivery system through corporate communication activities.




1. To monitor, receive, coordinate and manage customer complaints with regard to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

2. To provide efficient, prompt and effective telephone service;

3. To provide friendly, efficient, well - informed and curteous customer service;

4. To act as mediator in promoting to all activities organized by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and

5. To practice the corporate communication approaches in giving advice towards enhancing the image of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




The Corporate Communication Unit (CCU) of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was set up on 1st July 2009.  The job scopes of CCU are as follows:


i.   "Focal Point" for the dissemination of information regarding the ministry;

ii.   To coordinate official visits to the ministry;

iii.  To manage and facilitate briefings on the function and role of the ministry;

iv.  To plan, manage, implement and monitor matters relating to customer service;

v.   To manage, monitor and coordinate all complaints received;

vi.  To prepare and coordinate answers on complaints and to give suggestions on remedial actions and to manage the effectiveness of the ministry's public complaints system;

vii. To plan, coordinate and implement customer satisfactions survey;

viii.To inform customer on matters to services provided by the ministry;

ix.  To manage related to customer service personnel of the ministry;

x.  To advise the ministry related to customer service.


Services Provided:


1. A platform for customer complaints through Customer Feedback Form, letter to the Public Complaints Bureau (BPA), email, telephone calls and others.


2. Providing on line services through the Customer Feedback System (SMP) on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs portal.


3. Telephonist.


4. Customer Service Counter at the VIP and Protocol counters.




We are commited towards:


1. Sending Acknowledgement of Receipt within 1 day after receiving complaint;

2. Sending complaint within 2 working days to the section concerned after registering and opening case;

3. Getting feedback on acomplaint within 5 days from the section concerned to the notified to the complaint;

4. Sending letter of compliment to the section concerned after the case has been settled within 1 working day; and

5. Coordinating Public Complaints Committee Meeting end a month.




We are committed towards:


1. Answering telephone call to Wisma Putra within 10 seconds;

2. Always answering telephone call in a curteous manner;

3. Ensuring every telephone call connected to the relevant officer/staff;

4. Ensuring callers in queue are informed to the status of their calls it is answered;

5. Taking down message for officers who can not be contacted; and

6. Receiving and conveying callers' messages if it the officers they wish to talk to are not available.




We are committed towards:


1. Ensuring every visitor is given curteous reception;

2. Ensuring every visitor's query is entertained in the best possible manner by providing correct, complete and latest information;

3. Allowing visitor to leave messages and conveying the message to the officer concerned; and

4. Always smartly dressed.











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OFFICE HOURS : 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM | TEL.NO : +603 – 8000 8000
AFTER OFFICE HOURS : TEL.NO : +603 – 8887 4570
CONSULAR OPERATION HOURS : Monday – Friday [8.30 AM – 4.00 PM] [Lunch Break - Friday Only : 12.00 Noon - 2.45 PM]
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