The ASEAN-Malaysia National Secretariat (AMNS) is headed by a Director General, who is assisted by three Deputy Director Generals in charge of the ASEAN Political-Security Community, and the ASEAN Economic Community, the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community.



As the National Secretariat of ASEAN for Malaysia, the AMNS shall:


 i.       Serve as the national focal point;


ii.       Be the repository of information on all ASEAN matters at the national level;


iii.      Coordinate the implementation of ASEAN decisions at the national level;


iv.      Coordinate and support the national preparations of ASEAN meetings;


v.       Promote ASEAN identity and awareness at the national level; and


vi.      Contribute to ASEAN community building.





 i.        To provide, promote, implement and enforce the programme and activities of ASEAN;


ii.       To strengthen cooperation between Malaysia and other ASEAN Member States and Sectoral Dialogue Partners;


iii.      To facilitate relations between Malaysia and the National Secretariat of ASEAN Member States and the ASEAN Secretariat; and


iv.      To give full commitment and support to all the officials of other departments in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to provide excellent and efficient services to the Ministry and other agencies to protect and advance the interests of Malaysia in ASEAN.





i.         To protect, promote and advance Malaysia’s and ASEAN Member States interests.


ii.       To facilitate the hosting of ASEAN Summits and Related Summits, meetings, conferences and seminars related to ASEAN, when it is the turn of Malaysia to be the Chair of ASEAN.


iii.      To represent Malaysia at ASEAN Summits and meetings at the level of Heads of Government  / Ministers and officials at the formal and informal levels, including with the ASEAN Dialogue Partners, the ASEAN Plus Three process and other external relations.


iv.      To coordinate and liaise with other ministries and agencies on matters pertaining to ASEAN cooperation.










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