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Corporate information


The Human Rights and Humanities Division (HRHD) was established in 2012 due to growing need to concentrate on issues related to Civil and Political Rights; Social Cultural and Economic Rights; Humanities and Civilization; and Social Affairs.

The main responsibility of HRHD is to coordinate and implement Malaysia’s foreign policy on issues pertaining to Civil and Political Rights, Social Cultural and Economic Rights, Humanities and Civilization and Social Affairs through international fora and regional cooperation. At the same time, HRHD also works closely with related Ministries and agencies, to ensure consistency with regard to Malaysia’s current positions on the aforementioned issues and to monitor the effectiveness of foreign policy implementation.

HRHD’s objectives

  • To ensure Malaysia plays a successful role during its membership in any regional or international organisations;
  • To protect Malaysia’s interests in issues related to human rights, social affairs and civilisation,  interfaith dialogue and humanities;
  • To assist in the lobbying process for Malaysia’s membership in various international organisations as well as for any Malaysians qualified to fill certain positions in international organisations;
  • To engage closely and constructively with non-government organisations in upholding Malaysia’s interests;
  • To work closely with related Ministries and Agencies to effectively coordinate and consolidate all efforts to advance Malaysia’s interests; and
  • To give full cooperation to Wisma Putra’s officers from other divisions to coordinate and ensure the success of related activities and programmes.


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OFFICE HOURS : 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM | TEL.NO : +603 – 8000 8000
AFTER OFFICE HOURS : TEL.NO : +603 – 8887 4570
CONSULAR OPERATION HOURS : Monday – Friday [8.30 AM – 4.00 PM] [Lunch Break - Friday Only : 12.00 Noon - 2.45 PM]
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