malaysia's foreign policy
malaysia's foreign policy



Certain fundamental principles governing interstate relations would continue to guide Malaysia's relations with other countries. These refer to sovereign equality and mutual respect for territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, non­-interference in each other's internal affairs, peaceful settlement of disputes as well as mutual benefit in relations and peaceful co-existence.


Photo: Members of the Eminent persons Group (EPG) during their Fifth Meeting in Kuala Lumpur in 2007.


Malaysia has repeatedly stressed the importance of adhering to the especially important principle of non-interference in internal affairs, particularly in the context of regional relations.


Photo: Participants of the Langkawi International Dialogue 2007 in discussion.

The so-called "constructive intervention" policy advocated by some, involving loud criticism, adversarial posturing and grand standing would only bring more harm than good to the promotion of neighbourly relations.


We do make exceptions to the policy of non-interference in certain extreme situations. The bloody cruelty, genocide and atrocities perpetrated by some struck our conscience. Such peculiar situation calls for pragmatism on our part in the interest of humanity whilst recognising the central role of the UN in resolving the problem.


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