Multilateral diplomacy
Multilateral diplomacy



The establishment of the United Nations seven decades ago in the aftermath of the Second World War was a turning point in history. The destructiveness of global power struggle that engulfed the whole world pushed nation states to commit themselves to an international organisation that could reduce the propensity for another global war.


Since becoming a UN member in 1957, Malaysia has placed pre-eminent importance on the principles laid down in the UN Charter especially for the settlement of disputes through peaceful means. The UN has given equal voice to all nation states, providing Malaysia with protection through the framework of multilateralism and respect for international law and order.


Malaysia remains deeply concerned over the difference of views and complexities faced in the field of disarmament and international security. The justification made by certain states for the continued existence of weapons of mass destruction and its use as a security deterrent by some states, undermines the peaceful co-existence of states thus serves as a threat to humanity. Such excuses raise grave concern amongst peace-loving states as it poses a security threat to them and induces others to secure such weapons to arm themselves. This only serves as a formula that would lead to an arms race.


Therefore, there is now a need for renewed efforts, strategies and real commitment to resolve the current impasse in achieving complete and general disarmament of weapons of mass destruction as well as conventional weapons. For these reasons, Malaysia is committed to undertake all possible efforts to achieve a world free from weapons of mass destruction and conventional weapons.


As Malaysia moves ahead, its foreign policy will continue to place importance on the UN multilateral system and its mechanisms. Malaysia will continue to contribute to the future of this organisation.




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