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His Excellency Mohammad Azhar Mazlan


Ambassador of Malaysia to Mexico

(Concurrently accredited to Belize, Costa Rica,

El-Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras)




H.E. Mohammad Azhar Mazlan is the Ambassador of Malaysia to Mexico. He presented his Letter of Credence on 11 May 2016.  He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1994 and has served as Consul General of Malaysia in Davao City, Philippines from July 2009 to August 2012, Counsellor at the Embassy of Malaysia in Rome, Italy in 2006 and Second Secretary, High Commission of Malaysia in Suva, Fiji in 1997.  He graduated with a B.A (Hons) (International Relations) from the South West Texas State University, USA and obtained a Diploma in Public Management from the National Institute of Public Administration Malaysia. H.E. Mohammad Azhar Mazlan is married to Mdm. Amelia Amani Lee Abdullah and has four children.



















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