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The Government of the Union of Myanmar recognised Federation of Malaya when she became an independent state on 31st August 1957 and the first Myanmar mission at the legation level was set up in June 1959 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. That mission was later extended to the Embassy level. The diplomatic relation continued when the Federation of Malaya became the Federation of Malaysia on 16 September 1963 and when Singapore was separated from the Federation of Malaysia to become an independent republic on 9 August 1965.


The Government of Malaysia established her resident diplomatic mission and posted her first Ambassador to Yangon in February 1964. The first diplomatic mission of the Government of Malaysia opened its Embassy office in the Strand Hotel, located beside the Strand road and facing the Rangoon Jetty. Later, the Embassy of Malaysia was relocated to Shin Saw Pu Road, Sanchaung Township (now the Diplomatic School Yangon). Immediately before the 1988 uprising in Myanmar, the Embassy of Malaysia was stationed at 84, Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road, Rangoon.


The point that both countries have been having pursue the non-aligned policy since Tun Abdul Razak bin Hussein who assumed Malaysian premiership on 21stSeptember 1970 is the remarkable and significant milestone in the relationship of both countries. Although an amicable relationship has been developed between Myanmar and Malaysia, Myanmar has no close political ties with Malaysia.

Date of Establishment of Diplomatic Relation - 01 March 1958

Date of Opening of Diplomatic Mission in Malaysia - 04 June 1959

Date of Opening of Diplomatic Mission in Myanmar - February 1964

Appointment of Malaysian Ambassadors to Myanmar




Date of Appointment


H.E. Mr. Bahadur bin Haj Hasaan

5 February 1964


H.E. Mr. Sashim bin Sultan

7 February 1966


H.E. Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Jetol

3 January 1970


H.E. Mr. Abdul Hamid bin Pawanchee

24 January 1972


H.E. Mr. Kassim bin Mohamad Hussain

18 December 1974


H.E. Mr. Yousof bin Ariff

8 December 1977


H.E. Mr. Looi Chool Hun

26 March 1981


H.E. Mr. Mohamad Amir bin Jafaar

15 November 1984


H.E. Mr. Sallenhaddin bin Abdullah

24 November 1988


H.E. Mr. John Tenewi Nuck

18 June 1992


H.E. Dato’ Abdul Wahab bin Harun

27 October 1995


H.E. Dato’ Mohamad bin Noh

25 March 1999


H.E. Dato’ Cheah Sam Kip

7 May 2002


H.E. Dato’ Shaheruddin Bin Mohamad Som

10 February 2006


H.E. Dato’ Mazlan Muhammad

3 January 2008


H.E. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Faisal Muhamad

9 September 2011


H.E. Mr. Mohd Haniff Abd Rahman

6 September 2014