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Malaysia and New Zealand established diplomatic relations on 25 September 1957 and since then bilateral relations remain on a firm and stable footing. Close and substantive collaborations are particularly significant in areas of trade and investment, education, defence, security, science and technology. The High Commission of Malaysia in New Zealand was established on 9 December 1969.
Exchange of bilateral visits particularly at the Ministerial and senior official level has played an important role to the strong and steady expansion of bilateral cooperation.  For 2009, high levels visits from Malaysia included Deputy Minister of Plantation and Industries, Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives, Deputy Minister of Human Resources, and Chief of Defence Forces. More visitors from Malaysia are expected in days ahead and vice versa it is expected more visits from New Zealand members of administration and officials to Malaysia.
Malaysia is New Zealand's seventh largest trading partner, with two-way trade worth NZ$2.81 million (RM6.2 million) to Malaysia’s favour for the period ending December 2008. The signing of Malaysia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (MNZFTA) on 26 October 2009 marked another important milestone in our relations.
New Zealand Defence Forces’ presence in Malaysia dated back to 1950s and 60s where they fought alongside Malaysian heroes against the tyranny of communism and threat of confrontation. As a sign of gratitude, the Government of Malaysia had awarded Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM) medal to New Zealanders who served in Malaysia between 31 August 1957 and 31 December 1966. For further information on PJM, please refer to our link. Today, our defence cooperation continues through various bilateral programme and Five Power Defence Arrangement (FPDA). Over the years, many Malaysian soldiers, sailors and air crew had participated in training and exercises.
The bedrock of Malaysia and New Zealand’s firm relations could be attributed to the outstanding people-to-people’s relations especially in education. More than 30,000 Malaysians received their education in the various colleges and universities in New Zealand. Today, there are more than 2000 Malaysian students pursuing their tertiary education in New Zealand.
Malaysia will work tirelessly with New Zealand at various multilateral avenues such as the United Nations, APEC, ASEAN, East Asia Summit, and the Commonwealth to pursue matters of mutual interest. Malaysia is currently the Country Coordinator for ASEAN-New 
Zealand Dialogue and we look forward to build a stronger and healthy relationship with New Zealand during our tenure.


• Five Power Defence Arrangement, 1971 (with Australia, Singapore and the UK)
• Armed Forces Personnel Exchange Programme 1974
• Double Taxation Agreement 1976
• Science & Technology Cooperation Arrangement 1994
• Defence Cooperation Arrangements 1996
• MOU on Education Cooperation 1996
• Chair of Malay Studies Arrangement 1996 repealed 2009
• Working Holiday Arrangement 1996
• Trade Agreement 1998
• Air Service Agreement 1998
• MOU on NZAQ/LAN Education Quality Assurance 2001
• MOU on Securities Commission Cooperation 2004
• Malaysia - New Zealand Environment Cooperation Agreement 2009
• Malaysia - New Zealand Labour Cooperation Agreement 2009
• Malaysia – New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (MNZFTA) 2009



1.  Tan Sri Lim Taik Choon                              9.12.1969   – 03.04.1972
2.  Mr. John Denis de Silva                             11.08.1972  – 24.08.1974
3.  Dato’ K. Tharmaratnam                             11.12.1974 – 24.06. 1978
4.  Dato’ Mohamed Yusof b. Hitam                25.10.1978  – 20.05.1980
5.  Datuk Amar Dunstan Endawie                   16.07.1980 – 15.05.1982
6.  Mr. M.M. Sathiah                                      31.05.1982 – 09.04.1986
7.  Vice-Admiral Dato’ Mohd. Zain                 29.05.1986 – 01.05.1989
8.  Dato’ Anaitullah E.A. Karim                       23.08.1989 – 17.01.1992
9.  Tunku Dato’ Nazihah Tun Mohd. Rus         16.06.1992 – 09.04.1995
10. Datuk Daniel Tajem                                   14.09.1995 – 03.07.2000
11. Dato’ Zulkifly@Ibrahim Ab. Rahman          26.09.2000 – 17.03.2004
12. Dato’ Sopian Ahmad                                  17.09.2004 – 19.12.2008
13. Dato’ Hasnudin Hamzah                              29.03.2009 - present