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Fluency in English, spoken and written

Good communication skills

Excellent computer and technical skills

Ability to work in a team and under pressure

Creative, proactive and positive person




1.       To coordinate and supervise the following:


i.         Purchasing of items required by Embassy.

ii.        Maintain of Inventory Register for Chancery and Official Residence.

iii.       Local Staff Attendance Book records.

iv.       Log Book records for the office car.

v.        Maintain and update records of servicing / maintenance of Embassy vehicles.

vi.       Maintain the Record of Service of Locally Recruited Staff.

vii.      Record of petrol usage of the flag and office cars.

viii.     Preparation of overtime claims of drivers, cleaners and guards.


2.       To organize and supervise daily functions of the following:

i.         Telephone Operator/Receptionist

ii.        Driver and Messenger

iii.       Cleaner

iv.       Guards

v.        Daily movement of the office car


3.       To provide technical assistance in computer software and hardware requirements of the Embassy and trouble shooting.

4.       To assist in maintenance of the Chancery building and Residence.

5.       To process clearance documents of incoming and outgoing diplomatic shipment of Home Based Staff.

6.       To prepare relevant documents for custom and the other related documents for duty free purchases.

7.       To cover duties of the Administrative Assistant II (Finance) when he/she is on leave.

8.       To assist in the process of staff recruitments.

9.       To prepare list of Ukrainian public holidays and to arrange vacation leave schedule of LRS for approval.

10.     To perform other duties as directed from time to time.


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Closing Date of Application : 22 October 2012