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1.  Postal Voters/Absent Voters
Postal Voters/Absent Voters consist of:

i. Armed Forces who are in service
ii. Spouses to (i)
iii. Government personnel (Federal Government, States Service or Local Authorities) who are in service abroad
iv. Spouses to (iii)
v. Individuals studying full time in Universities, Technical Colleges, Training Institutions or other bodies abroad (only if they are sponsored by the Government)
vi. Spouses to (v).

2.  Normal Voters

Normal voters are Malaysians other than the ones mentioned above. 
The Embassy will make the announcement for the registration and checking of the voters’ list. 
Registration can be made at the Embassy by filling in the given form. Address, telephone number and e-mail are available in the main page of this website.
Documents required for the registration are:

i. Identification document that confirms the applicant's citizenship
ii. Identification Card
iii. Passport 
iv. Three passport-size photograph  
For normal voters they are required to return to Malaysia to cast their votes based on the area they have registered in. For postal voters, casting of votes is made by post.