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H.E. Tan Sri Zulhasnan Rafique

January 2017 – Present


Ambassador Zulhasnan Rafique was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Malaysia to the United States on January 9, 2017.


Ambassador Zulhasnan Rafique began his career as a Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Commissioned Officer and Fighter Pilot from 1973 to 1985.  He was a Royal Air Force UK (RAF) trained Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) and a United States Air Force (USAF) trained Fighter Weapons Instructor (FWI).


Ambassador Zulhasnan Rafique embarked on a 21 year career in business from 1985 to 1999 and 2009 to 2016.  He was involved in Aviation, Civil & Building Construction, Industrial Petroleum Trading, Property Investment & Development Industries.


Ambassador Zulhasnan Rafique began his political career when he was elected as a Member of Parliament for Wangsa Maju in the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur (FTKL) from 1999 to 2004.  He was further elected as Member of Parliament for Setiawangsa (in FTKL) from 2004 to 2013.  He entered the Malaysian Cabinet as Deputy Minister of Federal Territories from 2004 to 2006; and Minister of Federal Territories (FT) from 2006 to 2009.


Ambassador Zulhasnan Rafique is the Patron of Amal Wangsa Foundation (a non-profit charity organization) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 2001 - present.  This Foundation champions the underprivileged and less fortunate.  This includes single mothers, orphans, senior citizens, the very poor, disabled and those suffering from chronic illness.  The charity is chaired by the wife of the Ambassador, Siti Nooriah Ab Razak.


Ambassador Zulhasnan Rafique was invited to receive an Honorary Doctorate (Ph.D) and was appointed as Chancellor of Geomatika University College Malaysia in September 2014 until present.


Ambassador Zulhasnan Rafique and Siti Nooriah, are blessed with 3 children, a son-in-law and two grandsons.  He enjoys sporting activities, is a health advocate and an avid reader.




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