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Malaysia continues to monitor closely the political developments in Thailand, including the announcement on 13 June 2014 by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on the lifting of the curfew nationwide.  It should be noted that martial law still remains in effect.

In view of these latest developments, Malaysians travelling to and residing in Thailand are advised to continue to remain vigilant and monitor closely any developments by following the news from the local and international media (print and electronic). It is strongly advised that Malaysians avoid areas where there may be protest gatherings and pay close attention to personal security at all times. However, the Ministry wishes to retain the advice for Malaysians to postpone all non-essential visits to the provinces of Narathiwat, Patani and Yala for the time being for personal safety and security reasons.

Malaysians travelling and residing in Thailand are also encouraged to register with the Embassy of Malaysia in Bangkok (for central and northern region) or Consulate General of Malaysia in Songkhla (for southern region). Registration can be made via email as follows:

Embassy of Malaysia in Bangkok:
Consulate General of Malaysia in Songkhla:

For Malaysians requiring consular assistance, the Malaysian diplomatic missions in Thailand can be contacted at:

i) Embassy of Malaysia, Bangkok

33-35 South Sathorn Road
10120 Bangkok, Thailand

Tel:  +662 629 6800 (during working hours) or +6687 028 4659 (after working hours)
Fax:  +662 679 2208 / +662 679 2270


ii) Consulate General of Malaysia, Songkhla

No. 4, Sukhum Road
Mueng District
90000 Songkhla, Thailand

Tel: +6674-311062 / +6674-316274
Fax:  +6674-324004

17 June 2014