Registration of Malaysians (Online) Registration of Malaysians (Online)



            Non-Muslim Malaysian citizens must register the marriage at

the Embassy within six (6) months.


            For registration of marriage, both husband and wife must be present at the           Embassy and submit the original and two sets photocopy of each of the following documents:


1.    Moroccan marriage certificate with translation in English and duly endorsed by MFAC, Morocco;

2.    Identity Card (photocopy both sides) for Malaysian citizens;

3.    Passport of husband and wife;

4.    One (1) color passport size photograph of each applicant;

5.    Wedding invitation card (if any);

6.    Photographs of wedding according to any law, religion or custom (if any); and

7.    All documents must be translated into English by a qualified translator and submitted with the application.


Fee: MAD55.00 cash for registration made within six (6) months from the date of marriage. A penalty charge will be imposed for late registration.


Muslim Mixed Marriages are subject to prior consent from the religious authorities in respective States in Malaysia.  


They must register their marriage with the religious authorities in respective States in Malaysia.



The documents ie. passport of spouse, Moroccan marriage certificate (to be translated into English and endorsed by Moroccan authorities) before legalisation by the Embassy.


Documents required prior to the marriage :


1.    Capacity of Marriage (to be issued by the Embassy)

2.    Birth certificate

3.    Criminal record certificate  

4.    Certificate of nationality

5.    Attestation of employment and salary (for men only)

6.    Certificate of divorce (in case of divorce)

7.    Certificate of conversion to Islam (for men only), where applicable