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The ASEAN Committee in Mexico City (ACMC) held its ASEAN Second Economic Roadshow in 2021 to the State of Michoacán, Mexico from 25 to 27 October 2021. All Heads of Mission from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam were present while the Embassy of the Philippines was headed by its Consul General/Head of Chancery as the ambassador was absent from the country.


The ASEAN Annual Economic Roadshow is biannual event with the objectives viz:


   -Promote greater interaction between ASEAN Missions and different Mexican States with a view to enhance collaboration at all levels;

   -Main focus of the programme is to seek potential economic collaboration with Mexican States; and

   -As an outreach programme to enhance ASEAN awareness among the different states in Mexico with a view to strengthen and diversify the relations at different areas including cultural and tourism.


ACMC Visit to Michoacán, 25-28 October 2021


Vietnam as the current Chairman of ACMC for the period of July to December 2021 proposed Michoacán as the second destination for the ASEAN familiarisation and Business Promotional trip during its chairmanship. The State of Michoacán has a strategic location in connecting two most important cities in Mexico namely Mexico City and Guadalajara. Its State GDP was MXN579 billion in 2020, ranked 15th out of 32 states in terms of GDP size in Mexico.


It is a mid-size state in terms of land area and with a population of 4.7 million inhabitants. Michoacán is blessed with natural resources with abundance of lakes and rivers with fertile lands and good climate for agriculture. It boasts itself as the largest world producer of avocados, where 80 percent of the so-called Mexican ¨green gold¨ is produced by the state. Its diverse economy is growing strong, being the country’s leader for several years in Mexico in the primary sector, generating more than 20 different agricultural products since 2012.


Other than agriculture, other main economic activities are manufacturing, industrial, services especially in tourism industry and mining. Its growing economy offers a lot of opportunities for business and investment ventures. The City of Morelia for example is embarking on an ambitious project of an integrated Agri-Industrial parks ranging from various agricultural activities from plantation and breeding process up to the commercialisation stage. The state welcomed involvement of foreign investors in this project.


With its strategic location in the heart of Mexico, Michoacán is also gearing towards becoming logistic hub for the country with Port of Lázaro Cárdenas, the largest Mexican seaport and one of the largest seaports in the Pacific Ocean basin, with an annual traffic capacity of around 25 million tons of cargo and 2.2 million (twenty-foot container measurement unit). The port is expected to become a major container facility due to congestion at the US ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and its relative proximity to major cities such as Chicago, Kansas City and Houston in the US. In preparation for the port's increased capacity, the existing railway and highway infrastructure linkages running north–south through the centre of Mexico has been upgraded in recent years to handle the anticipated increase in volume of goods bound for the United States using this transportation corridor. Port of Lazaro Cardenas will also serve as alternative route for transportation of containers under the isthmus Tehuantepec project that will link between Pacific and Atlantic oceans, another major project being undertaken by the Mexican Government under President Andreas Lopez Obrador to connect port of Veracruz in the Gulf of Mexico with Port Salina Cruz in the Pacific Ocean by rail.



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Malawakil Mexico City

28 October 2021









Meeting between the Governor of Michoacán, His Excellency Alfredo Ramirez Bedolla and ASEAN Heads of Delegation on 26 October 2021

ASEAN Heads of Delegation and the Mayor of Morelia during the City Hall ceremony on the conferment of the “Distinguished Visitors” by Morelia City Hall to all ASEAN delegations on 26 October 2021

His Excellency Alfonso Martinez Alcazar, the municipal president of Morelia (mayor) is giving a welcoming remark to ASEAN delegations during the City Hall ceremony on 26 October 2021

TYT Ambassador Muzafar Shah Mustafa giving a presentation on the trade and investment opportunities to the business organizations in Michoacán on 26 October 2021

ASEAN Heads of Delegation during a roundtable discussion on tourism, trade and security on 27 October 2021

The “ASEAN WAY” photo session between ASEAN Heads of delegation and the mayor of Morelia