Visa Requirement Visa Requirement




Kindly be informed that for those who has been given job offer in Mexico, proper documentations such as offer letter, invitation letter, prove of financial document during the stay etc. and working visa should be obtained prior to arrival in Mexico as the Immigration of Mexico has the authority to deny the entry into Mexico for those without proper documents.

For those seamen/ seafarers who will be working in Mexico, the employer is strongly advised to prepare proper documentations and working visa before their arrival in Mexico.

The employer is also advised to contact the Embassy of Malaysia in Mexico prior to traveling to Mexico.

For those seamen/seafarers who is transiting in Mexico before traveling to their country of destination, they can ONLY stay in Mexico up to three (3) days.

For the COVID-19 situation and control in Mexico: The Government of Mexico does not impose a 14-days quarantine after arrival in Mexico, as such the employer SHOULD NOT quarantine their employees in Mexico as it would complicate the entry process. (Example: seamen/ seafarers who will be working in another countrysuch as Trinidad & Tobago but is transiting in Mexico, the employer should observe the 14-days quarantine in Trinidad & Tobago instead).



·         {C}{C}Mexico – Visa free 180 days;

For stays longer than 180 days a special migratory form, FM3 (Fee $98.00 USD) must be obtained, in addition to a visa.

·         {C}{C} Belize - Visa Free 90 days;

·         Costa Rica – Visa Free 90 days.

·         {C}{C}El Salvador - Visa Free 90 days;

·         {C}{C}Guatemala - Visa Free 90 days; and

·         {C}{C}Honduras – Visa Free 90 days.


·         Passport with a validity of at least six months before traveling.

·         Hotel Reservation in respective country.

·         Confirmed roundtrip ticket. 



Thank you and have a nice trip.