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Some frequently asked questions:


1. How to determine whether the chemicals which we are producing / importing / exporting are controlled under the Convention?

A chemist working in your company/facility is the best person to assist you in determining those chemicals. The Secretariat of the National Authority Chemical Weapons Convention could also be consulted for advice.


2. Which Ministry/Agency in Malaysia is responsible to issue the Authorization or Licence for import/export of scheduled chemicals?

For Schedule 2 and 3 chemicals, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) remains the authority to issue the import and export licence. The CWC Act 2005 specifies that an importer or exporter of Schedule 1 chemicals has to obtain an Authorisation from the National Authority. After the Authorisation has been obtained, the applicant may proceed to MITI to apply for the import/export license. However, there are a few Scheduled Chemicals listed under the CWC Act 2005 which are under the purview of other agencies: Arsenic Trichloride – Pharmaceutical Services Division, Ministry of Health Amiton, Hydrogen Cyanide and Chloropicrin – Pesticide Board, Ministry of Agriculture


3. Do we need a licence to produce Scheduled Chemicals and DOC?

Under the CWC Act 2005, licence is not required to produce chemicals listed under the Schedule 2, 3 and DOC. Authorisation is required to produce Schedule 1 chemicals and it can be obtained from the National Authority.


4. We intend to sell Scheduled Chemicals and DOC to another company in Malaysia. Do we require a licence?

No licence is required for the sale of chemicals under the Schedule 2, 3 and DOC. Authorisation to sell or transfer Schedule 1 chemicals can be obtained from the National Authority.


5. Do we require an End User Certificate (EUC) to export Scheduled Chemicals?

The EUC is only required when a company intends to export Schedule 3 chemicals to a state not party to the Convention. Schedule 1 and 2 chemicals shall not be exported to any state not party to the Convention. EUC is not required for trade between states which are party to the Convention.


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