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Today: Jun 08, 2023
Pre-Inspection Briefing (PIB) PDF Print

On the first day of the inspection, the representative of the facility will have to present a ‘Pre-Inspection Briefing’ (PIB) to the Inspection Team and the Escort Team. The purpose of the briefing is to assist the International Inspectors in understanding the activities carried out at the facility. The duration for the PIB should last no longer than 3 hours, inclusive of a site tour.


There are two important factors ensuring a successful and speedy inspection: accurate declaration and a comprehensive PIB. PIB sets the tone and mood for the inspection, affording facility representatives the opportunity to inform the Inspection Team regarding the facility. A comprehensive PIB may cover the following:

a) introduction of key facility personnel

b) company management, organization and history

c) activities, business and manufacturing operations with an

emphasis on the commercial end-uses of the products associated with the declared chemicals

d) physical layout of the chemical complex for orientation

e) identification of units specific to declared operations

f) list and location of all declared and undeclared scheduled chemicals


g) explanation of the chemistry associated with the declared activities

(DOC) plant sites do not have to identify chemical names)

h) a simplified process flow or block flow diagram

i) confidential business information concerns

j) types and location of records to verify the declaration

k) indicators of the absence of Schedule 1 chemicals

l) health and safety orientation, including information on plant site

alarms and evacuation routes, and areas where access may be restricted for health and safety reasons

m) administrative and logistical information (e.g., location of work

rooms, lunchroom,transportation, etc.)

n) question and answer period

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