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Today: Jun 08, 2023
International Inspections PDF Print

Any facility producing Scheduled chemicals and DOC exceeding the verification threshold limit are subject to inspection by the OPCW inspectors. The general aim of the inspection is to verify that the activities conducted at the facility are consistent with the information provided in the annual declarations and also to ascertain the absence of any Schedule 1 chemicals, especially its production.


Generally, the Inspection Team (IT) from the OPCW will comprise of 2 or 3 Inspectors. The National Authority will receive notification of inspection from the OPCW not less than 24 hours for Schedule 1 facility, 48 hours for Schedule 2 facility and 120 hours for Schedule 3 & DOC facility.


Upon receiving the notification, the National Authority shall acknowledge the receipt of the notification by the Technical Secretariat on the intention of inspection not later than 1 hour after receiving such notification. Subsequently, the National Authority shall contact the facility to notify the following:

a) Date of inspection

b) Expected time of arrival

c) The names and nationalities of the International Inspectors

d) The names of the National Authority officials(Escort Team

members) that will facilitate the inspection process


Once the facility has been notified, the National Authority will send an advance team to the facility to assist in the preparation for the International Inspection.

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