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Today: Jun 08, 2023
Declarations PDF Print

One of the most important obligations in the Convention that Malaysia need to fulfil is to submit the Annual Declarations. Thus, companies which involved in activities above the declarations threshold limit related to Scheduled Chemicals and Unscheduled Discrete Organic Chemicals (DOC) has to submit their annual declaration to the National Authority. The submission of the annual declaration is mandatory under the CWC Act 2005. Hence, the failure to submit the annual declarations is an offence under the law.


A company which involved in any of these following activities that are covered under the Convention has to submit their annual declarations to the National Authorities.


Activity Schedule 1 Schedule 2 Schedule 3 DOC
Processing - -
Consumption - -
Acquire - - -
Retain - - -
Import/Export -
Transfer (Local sale) - - -


Any person dealing with relevant activities involving Scheduled Chemicals shall submit their Annual Declaration on Activities in the Previous Calendar Year and Annual Declaration on Anticipated Activities for the following Calendar Year to the National Authority.


Any person who produces DOC and DOC with Phosphorus, Sulphur and Fluorine (PSF) shall submit their Annual Declaration on Activities in the Previous Calendar Year to the National Authority. However, declarations are not required for mixtures of chemicals containing 30 percent or less of a Scheduled 2B or Schedule 3 Chemical.


Guideline For Submission

Type of Declaration Sch. 1 Sch. 2 Sch. 3 DOC Date line of Submission
Annual Declaration for Past Year Activities Form KSK-6 Form KSK-7 Form KSK-8 Form KSK-9 28 February every year
Annual Declaration for Anticipated Year Activities Form KSK-6 Form KSK-7 Form KSK-8 - 1 September every year


For futher information on the basic list of Scheduled Chemicals, please contact the NACWC.


List of Form:

1) Form KSK-8

2) Form KSK-9


For further information:

1) Scheduled Chemicals Under The CWC

2) Codes for Schedule 3 Chemical Production Ranges

3) Codes of Production Ranges for Plant Sites that Produce Unscheduled Discrete Organic Chemicals

4) Flow Chart to Identify DOC's

5) Product Group Codes

6) Production Purpose Codes for a Schedule 3 Chemical Production Facility

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