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  The page offers access to several subscription databases (* restricted to Wisma Putra only) ;and link to  other web research resources.
  E.I.U. com

The Economist Intelligence Unit  provide continuously updated, comprehensive and in-depth analysis of

over 200 countries. The Country Report/ Profiles examines and analyze the country’s political scene,

economic policies, development plans, economic structure and outlook, domestic economy, sectoral

trends, foreign trade and payments.- Library use only



  APAN - Asia-Pacific Area Network
  The site offers information resources and a collaborative planning environment as a means to greater defense interaction, confidence building and enhanced security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.
  ArchNet : Digital Library
  An online community for architects, planners, urban designers, interior designers, landscape architects, and scholars, with a special focus on the Islamic world.
  A specialized gateway in international politics that contains information, communication and consulting centre on Internet designed to cover the needs of practitioners in international relations.
  IBRU - International Boundary News Database
  IBRU's searchable international boundaries news database that contains over 10,000 boundary-related reports from a wide range of news sources around the world.
  INCORE: International Conflict Data Service
  INCORE  is a joint project of the United Nations University and the University of Ulster that combines research, education and comparative analysis, the causes and consequences of conflict and promotes conflict resolution management strategies.
  InfoNation database provides accurate official and up-to-date information and statistics regarding the countries of the world.
  International Data Base (IDB)
  IDB is a computerized source of demographic and socio-economic statistics for 227 countries and areas of the world. It provides quick access to specialized information, with emphasis on demographic measures, for individual countries or selected groups of countries. of the world.
  International Relations and Security Network (ISN)
  ISN is the integrated knowledge network for security and defense policy that offers an electronic platform for the generation and dissemination of knowledge, as well as facilitates information exchange, dialogue, and cooperative interaction that reaches around the globe.
  It is the leading Malaysian portal that provides access to an extensive, fast-growing and free legal resources for use by legal professionals, students, consumers and businesses.
  Maritime Space: Maritime Zones & Delimitation
  The site contains the national legislation of coastal States and treaties dealing with the delimitation of maritime boundaries, as made available throughout the years to the United Nations.
  Oceans and Law of the Sea
  The search will allow searching the contents of all publicly available WWW documents provided by the Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, Office of Legal Affairs, United Nations.
  PARLINE Database
  It provides general information about specific country's parliaments, electoral systems, results of elections, etc.
  Political Database of the Americas
  Provides reference materials, primary documents, comparative studies and statistical data for countries in the Western Hemisphere.
  Policy Research Watch
  Policy Research Watch' is a web-based project which provide access to comprehensive bibliographic information on the periodicals and occasional papers of selected public policy research institutes.
  World Flag Database
  It contains basic information on the country, including its formal name, capital city, area, population, currency, languages, religions, including the national and state flags, ensigns, and sub-national flags.
  History sites which contains history of life and all historical events of the world.
  World Political Leaders, 1945-2004
  List of all current leaders by country up-to-date, and Biographies of Political Leaders.