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Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Country Analysis Brief - (EIA)

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Keranamu Malaysia

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Malaysia Top - (ITIS Malaysia)

Malaysia - (MTPB, New York)

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Malaysia: National Symbol, Flag and Anthem - (GeoVision)

Malaysia Truly Asia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Cabinet Line-up

Federal Government Of Malaysia  - (Malaysia Central)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Monarchy

Raja kita
 -- Raja Perlis
 -- Raja Kita - Negeri Sembilan
 -- Our Sultan - Kedah Darul Aman
 -- Kelantan Royal

Raja Kita - Our King - (PNM)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Malaysia: Detailed Information on National Economic Recovery Plan

Invest in Malaysia - (MIDA)

Financial Stability for the Future - (BNM)

National Economic Action Plan - (NEAC)

The Malaysian Economy - (Malaysian Treasury)

Malaysian Economic Data/Statistics, Analysis/Reports - (GeoInvestor)

White Paper Statis Of The Malaysian Economy - (EPU, JPM)

Malaysia Economy Report  - (APEC)

The Malaysian Economy In Figures  - (EPU)

Malaysian Economy Indicators and Statistics - (Freeservers)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

History of Malaysia - (

Sejarah Malaysia - History of Malaysia

Sejarah Melayu - A History of the Malay Peninsula

Historical Flags (Malaysia)

The History of Yap Ah Loy

Malay States - (World Statesmen)

Malaysian Timeline

Rajah Brooke & 19thC Sarawak

The Penang Story

Malaysia history
Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Tourism Malaysia

Pahang Travel Information, Malaysia

Travel Asia - Malaysia

Malaysia Tourist Information,Malaysia Travel Information

Official Website of Sabah Tourism Board

Cuti Malaysia - Terengganu


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