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Almost 20 Malaysian diplomats gathered at the Burj Khalifa area on 20 August 2017 to celebrate the Merdeka Month in conjunction with the 60th Independence Day anniversary which will be celebrated by Malaysians on 31st August 2017. The event was launched by HE Dato’ Yubazlan Yusof, Consul General of Malaysia to Dubai, UAE.


The short event which symbolizes patriotism and national integration started at 10am done with photo and video recording activities. The theme for this year’s national level Independence Day is “Negaraku Sehati Sejiwa” which literally means “My Country One Heart One Soul”.


The Consul General urged all Malaysians in the UAE to be united to defend the "Jalur Gemilang" (national flag) and national sovereignty by casting aside differences including on religion, race, and political ideology. He also stated that Malaysians in Dubai should always abide by UAE rules and regulations and make the country proud. All Malaysians are also urged to be thankful for the freedom, peace and unity that they are enjoying both in Malaysia and the UAE.


He also added that Malaysians should not regard 'Jalur Gemilang' as a piece of cloth. He stressed that Malaysians in the UAE should express their pride for Malaysia by flying its flag deep inside their heart and not in the month of August.


Consul General also added that a motorcycle tour named “Kembara Merdeka” (Independence Tour) will be held in the coming days to celebrate the event. Interested Malaysians are most welcomed to join the tour.


Malaysia and the UAE established bilateral relations back in 1971. Since the inception of bilateral relations, both countries enjoyed a warm and cordial relations. Malaysia and UAE are almost identical. Both are multi-racial and multi-religious county where people from various background live and work happily. A lot of Malaysian businessmen came to UAE to seek opportunity and many of them were successful.


According to several Malaysian diplomats, Malaysians in UAE are blessed to be living and working in this fantastic country. Currently there are around 3700 Malaysians working and residing in Dubai and Northern Emirates. Most of the Malaysians are professionals in the field of oil and gas, engineering, banking and airlines crew.



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Consulate General of Malaysia, Dubai

21 August 2017