Registration of Malaysians (Online) Registration of Malaysians (Online)

Registration Form for Malaysians residing in the UAE


To enable the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Malaysian Missions abroad to provide an optimum service or to disseminate information to Malaysians abroad, it is important that we know how to get in touch with you. Therefore, all Malaysians living abroad are encouraged to register themselves at the nearest Malaysian Embassy/High Commission. This requirement to register is clearly stated in the Malaysian International Passport.


Contact Details are as follows:
A. Embassy of Malaysia, Abu Dhabi
    Tel: 02-4482775/776     Fax: 02-4482779
B. Consulate General Office of Malaysia, Dubai
    Tel: 04-3985843     Fax: 04-3985809








1. Access the website at

   Please use Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 (or higher) as the web browser

2. Click the ‘e-consular’ icon.

3. Click ‘ First time login?’ in the Login box.

4. Please fill in particulars in  the spaces marked * (in red) in the Registration box.

5. Click ‘Register’ to complete the registration process.

6. Click the ‘e-consular’ icon once again and login using the same user name and password created earlier.

7. Choose ‘Registration of  Malaysians Abroad’ and click.

8. Please fill in particulars in the spaces marked * (in red);click ‘Next’ to complete each section of the particulars.

9. Click ‘Save’ to complete the transaction. You will revert to the Welcome Page.

10. Click ‘Check Status/ Update details’ .

11. Click Transaction Code to view transaction details.

12. Click ‘Update’ if  necessary to update details.

13. To complete registration process, click ‘Send’.

14. Information submitted will be recorded directly at the Consulate General of  Malaysia in Dubai.