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As for 10 July 2023





Entry Requirements/conditions for foreigners visiting or temporary stay in Malaysia

  • Holding a valid passport or a valid travel document with a validity of MORE than 6 months;
  • Obtain a valid Visa (for nationals that requires a visa to enter Malaysia) through eVisa system or by Physical Application for Visa (if applicable);
  • Having sufficient financial provisions to sustain the period of stay in Malaysia;
  • Applicant is not registered under the Suspect List of the Immigration Department of Malaysia or the stolen Lost Travel Document (STLD) system; and
  • Applicant is not categorized as a prohibited immigrant.
  • Website:
  • You may contact Visa Department at the Consulate through phone (+971 4 3985 843) or email ( or for more information.



eVisa System


  • eVISA is an online application platform that enables foreign nationals to apply for an electronic visa to enter Malaysia at the comfort of your convenience.                               
  • Kindly visit or to apply for eVisa.
  • For more information about eVISA, you may refer to the following attachments:
  • About eVISA:

  • General information about eVISA:

  • Information about eVISA for Medical purpose:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Please also note that eVISA application is processed by the Immigration Department of Malaysia and not the Consulate. You may also utilise the chat room available in the eVISA webpage or email (focal for eVisa application) for any further  clarification or inquiry.



Countries listed below are eligible for eVISA Application:


China                                                   Afghanistan

India                                                     Angola

Sri Lanka                                              Burkina Faso

Nepal                                                   Burundi

Myanmar                                              Cameroon

Bangladesh                                          Central African Republic

Pakistan                                               Congo Democratic Republic

Bhutan                                                 Colombia

Serbia                                                  Congo Republic

Montenegro                                         Djibouti

Eritrea                                                  Equatorial Guinea

Ethiopia                                                Ghana

Guinea – Bissau                                   Hong Kong (C.I/D.I)

Ivory Coast                                          Kosovo

Liberia                                                  Mali

Mozambique                                        Niger

Nigeria                                                 Rwanda


Countries listed below are eligible for eVISA for the purpose of Study/Employment/Medical Treatment:


Afghanistan                              Czech Republic           Republic of Kyrgyz      Qatar

Albania                                     Denmark                      Laos                             Romania

Angola                                     Djibouti                        Latvia                           Russia

Argentina                                 Egypt                           Lebanon                      Rwanda

Armenia                                   El Salvador                   Liberia                          Sao Tome and

Austria                                     Equate Guinea             Libya                            Principe

Azerbaijan                                Eritrea                          Lithuania                      Saudi Arabia

Bahrain                        Estonia                         Luxembourg                Serbia

Bangladesh                              Ethiopia                        Macao SAR                  Senegal

Belarus                                    Finland                         Macedonia                   Slovakia

Belgium                                    France                         Madagascar                 Slovenia

Benin                                       Gabon                          Moldova                       Somalia

Bhutan                                     Georgia                        Mali                              South Korea

Bolivia                                      Germany                      Mauritania                    Spain

Bosnia-Herzegovina                 Ghana                          Mexico                         Sri Lanka

Brazil                                        Greece                        Monaco                        Suriname

Bulgaria                                    Guatemala                    Mongolia                      Sweden

Burkina Faso                            Guinea                         Montenegro                 Syria

Burundi                                    Haiti                             Morocco                      Tajikistan

Cambodia                                 Honduras                     Mozambique                Taiwan

Cameroon                                Hong Kong SAR/BNO  Myanmar                      Thailand

Cape Verde                             Hong Kong (C.I/D.I)     Nepal                           Togo

Central African                         Hungary                       Nicaragua                     Tunisia

Republic                                  Iceland                         Niger                            Türkiye

Chad                                        India                             Nigeria                         Turkmenistan

Chile                                        Indonesia                     Norway                        Ukraine

China                                       Iran                              Oman                           United Arab

Colombia                                  Iraq                              Pakistan                       Emirates

Comoros                                  Italy                              Palestine                      United State of

Congo Democratic                   Ivory Coast                  Panama                        America

Republic                                  Japan                           Paraguay                      Uruguay

Congo Republic                       Jordan                         Peru                             Uzbekistan

Costa Rica                               Kazakhstan                  Philippine                     Vatican City

Croatia                                     Kyrgyzstan                   Poland                         Venezuela

Cuba                                        Kuwait                          Portugal                       Vietnam



Physical Application for Visa


  • Other nationalities not listed above and require visa to travel to Malaysia can submit their application to the Consulate office. Appointment is required. Appointment request can be sent via email to

Note: Applicant must be present during the application submission.


  1. Required documents for Short Term Visit: (Tourism/business/etc.)


  1. IM47 Visa Application form (MUST BE TYPED) – IM47
  2. Original and copy of current passport
  3. UAE Visa copy
  4. Copy of Hotel reservation / Invitation letter (if staying with family/relative/friend/company accommodation)
  5. Flight reservation (Entering – Exiting Malaysia)
  6. 2 passport size latest photos (white background, dark shirt)
  7. 2 months latest bank statements 
  8. Salary Certificate (not applicable for company partner visa holder) 
  9. NOC from UAE Residency Visa Sponsor (not applicable for company Partner visa holder) 
  10. Complete set of VALID Trade License copy (for company partner visa holder)
  11. Invitation letter (for business appointment visit)


  1. Required documents for Visa with Reference (VDR) / Travelling with prior approval from Malaysia Immigration Department (Student/ Employment/ Dependent/ Professional Visit Pass):


  1. IM47 Visa Application form (MUST BE TYPED) -  IM47
  2. Original and copy of current passport
  3. UAE Visa copy
  4. Flight reservation
  5. 2 passport size latest photos (white background, dark shirt)
  6. Copy of valid approval letter from the Malaysia Immigration department



Visa Fee


  • Indian National : Single entry - AED 65 & Multiple entry - AED 130 


  • Chinese National : Single entry - AED 40 & Multiple entry - AED 80 


  • Other Nationality : Single entry - AED 25 & Multiple entry - AED 50 


Note: Fee is non-refundable.