Client Charter Client Charter




We promise to deliver quality, efficient, accurate and within reasonable timeframe for the following services:


  1. To act as a responsive focal point of the Government of Malaysia in Austria and the Slovak Republic as well as the international organisations based in Vienna.
  2. To recommend and implement policies to improve bilateral and multilateral interests.
  3. To plan for and execute high level visits aimed at improving bilateral and multilateral relations, and promote national interests.
  4. To provide satisfactory consular services.
  5. To make available and disseminate information concerning Malaysia, especially on foreign policies to our stakeholders and other interested parties.




In pursuit of the objectives of the Government of Malaysia, the Core Values of the Malaysian Administrative and Diplomatic Service serve as the guidelines for the Embassy and its officials in the conduct of their work. These values are the creed of the Embassy and serve as a reminder of its firm commitment to serve its stakeholders:


  1. Loyalty - loyalty to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the State•
  2. Integrity - serving with integrity, ethics and accountability•
  3. Dedication - aiming to serve the nation and the people above all else•
  4. Professionalism - serving by virtue of knowledge and competence•