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Malaysia-Belgium Bilateral Relations


Diplomatic relations between Malaysia and Belgium were established in 1957, the year of Malaysia's independence.


Bilateral relations between the two countries were further cemented in 1975 with the establishment of the Embassy of Malaysia in Brussels, Belgium and Ambassador Peter Stephen Lai was appointed as the first Ambassador of Malaysia to Belgium.


The list of Ambassadors of Malaysia to Belgium is as follows:


1.       Ambassador  Peter Stephen Lai, (16.06.75 – 30.06.76)

2.       YBhg. Dato’ P. G. Lim (Lim Phaik Gan, (18.02.77 – 27.09.79)

3.       Ambassador  Kassim Bin Hussein, (15.09.80 – 03.02.83)

4.       YBhg. Dato’ Mustapha  Dato’ Mahmud, (26.03.83 – 25.11.86)

5.       YBhg. Dato’ Noor Adlan Yahayaudin, (19.02.86 – 02.01.90)

6.       YBhg. Dato' Dali Mahmud Hashim, (08.03.90 – 17.10.93)

7.       YBhg. Dato’ M. M. Sathiah @ Renji Sathiah, (23.12.93 – 14.05.99)

8.       YBhg. Dato’ Mohd Ridzam Deva Abdullah, (18.08.99 – 25.07.05)

9.       YBhg. Dato' Mohammad Kamal Yan Yahaya, (21.12.05 – 27.07.08)

10.     YBhg.  Dato’ Hussein Haniff, (24.08.08 – 30.03.2011)

11.     YBhg. Dato' Zainuddin Yahya (23.09.2011 - 15.01.2015)

12.     YBhg. Dato' Nafisah Mohamed (23.01.2015 - 03.06.2016)

13.     YBhg. Dato' Hasnudin Hamzah (18.08.2016 - 19.08.2019)

14.     YBhg. Dato' Ahmad Rozian Abd. Ghani (01.09.2021 - current)


The Embassy was first located at Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, Brussels. The Embassy shifted to the current address at Avenue de Tervueren, 414A 1150 Brussels in 1982.


The Embassy of Malaysia in Belgium is also concurrently accredited to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the European Communities.



Malaysia-European Union Bilateral Relations


Malaysia has a long-standing relationship with the European Union. Historic links could be traced back to the 15th century when the Portuguese, Dutch and the British came to Malaysian shores in search of new colonies and trade.  In modern times, Malaysia enjoys excellent bilateral relations not only with individual EU member states but also with the EU as an institution.  The relations could be traced back to the formation of European Economic Community (EEC) in 1957, the precursor of the 27-member European Union today.


The establishment of the delegation office of the European Commission to Malaysia in 2003 has provided the means for Malaysia and the European Union to work together on issues and areas of mutual interest. Since then, dialogue and cooperation with both federal and state authorities, the Malaysian and EU business community as well as all levels of society have increased progressively.


At present, Malaysia-EU relations are largely dominated by trade and investment. The EU is currently Malaysia’s 4th largest trading partner and Malaysia is the EU’s second most important trading partner in ASEAN, after Singapore.   In view of the EU’s growing global presence and influence, Malaysia is keen to deepen and widen its relations with the EU to go beyond the trade and economic issues and to forge closer cooperation in political, security, science and technology, education, culture, environment and energy issues, to name a few.     As a developing country, Malaysia is keen on transfer of new technology from the EU and to have a deeper understanding of areas in which the EU is setting the standards for the future.


Malaysia and EU have also established and continue to work together at both regional and international fora such as within the ASEAN-EU framework, Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), the United Nations and World Trade Organisation.  Through ASEAN, Malaysia will work with the EU for closer regional cooperation. 


With the advent of globalisation, Malaysia remains open to the outside world and views the EU as one of the most important global players in the world today.  In terms of bilateral relations, Malaysia looks forward to engage the EU further in the many areas for the mutual benefit of Malaysians and the citizens of the EU as a whole and in finding common solutions to issues of mutual concern affecting the world today, from the international financial crisis to finding a lasting solution to the Middle East crisis.