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The High Commission of Malaysia in Dhaka was opened in November 1972 with H.E. Ali bin Abdullah as the first High Commissioner. He served from early 1973 to 20 June 1975.




 i.            H.E. Ali bin Abdullah                                                    Early 1973 to 20.06.1975   

ii.            H.E. Ismail bin Ambia                                                  16.12.1975 to 16.06.1978  

iii.           H.E. Ahmad Faiz bin Abdul Hamid                              27.11.1978 to 28.04.1981  

iv.           H.E. Mohamed bin Haron                                            01.09.1981 to 16.07.1985  

v.            H.E. Zainuddin bin Abdul Rahman                              17.09.1985 to 31.01.1989  

vi.           H.E. Tunku Nazihah binti Tunku Mohd. Rus               11.04.1989 to 31.03.1992  

vii.          H.E. Ahmad Fuzi bin Haji Abdul Razak                       10.06.1992 to Dec. 1994    

viii.         H.E. Datuk Mahyuddin bin Abdul Rahman                  01.12.1994 to Aug.1997     

ix.           H.E. Dato’ Zulkifly@Ibrahim b. Abdul Rahman           18.08.1997 to 24.07.2000      

x.            H.E. Dato’ Dr. Mohd. Yusof bin Ahmad                       21.08.2000 to 01.11.2001    

xi.           H.E. Dato’ Ashaary bin Sani                                        02.01.2002 to 23.10.2005  

xii.          H.E. Dato’ Abdul Malek bin Abdul Aziz                        27.12.2005 to 18.12.2008  

xiii.         H.E. Dato' Jamaluddin bin Sabeh                                23.07.2009 to 09.06.2012

xiv.         H.E. Norlin binti Othman                                              12.07.2012 to 20.12.2015

xv.          H.E. Nur Ashikin binti Mohd Taib                                 31.01.2016 to 06.20.2019


Malaysia was among the first muslim nations to recognize the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, leading to the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and Bangladesh in the year 1972.