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·         Submission of Application : 9.00 am – 12.00 noon   (Monday – Friday)


·         Collection of Visa and other Consular Documents : 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm   (Monday – Friday)


·         All visa application would need at least 3 working days for it to be considered


·        The duration hours for the submission of visa application and other consular application may be shortened in the last working day of the months (in view of the closing of monthly financial account);and if the number of the application exceeds the maximum daily application that could be handled by the High Commission within the submission period


·        Notice regarding the shortened duration hours for the submission of visa application will be placed at the front gate of the High Commission from time to time


·      Visa applicants are therefore strongly advised to come early in the morning to the High Commission for the submission of their visa application


·   All visa applicants are required to register at the Security Post and to provide all their details before proceeding with their visa application at the Consular Section 



·        All vehicles could only be considered for an entry into the compound of the High Commission upon obtaining the consular permission coupon or the temporary pass from the Security Post