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Report of Missing Persons
Relative/family/acquaintance reports the missing person should provide the Embassy with the following information :
- Complete name of person 
- Place and date of birth
- Details of the Malaysian Passport
- Identification Card number
- Date departed from Malaysia
- Date of arrival at the particular country
- Complete address and telephone number at the particular ( if available) 
- Last known address of the place of work (if available)
- Name and address of family to be contacted in Malaysia
- Name, address and telephone number of the person making the report / government agency involved 
- Reason for going abroad  
Repatriation of Remains
Relative/next of kin in Malaysia report death to the Embassy should provide the following information and documents:
- Name of the deceased
- Passport and Identification Card Number
- Address of the deceased abroad
- Address in Malaysia
- Occupation
- Cause of death        
 Burial in Malaysia
The Embassy will obtain the estimated cost of the repatriation which will have to deposit by the relative/next of kin to the Consular Division. 
The Embassy will carry out the repatriation process. The Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia will notify the family on the flight details for the arrival of the remains.
Burial Abroad
The Embassy will coordinate the burial process.
All cost incurred will have to be borne by the relative/next of kin which have to paid to the Consular Division, Wisma Putra.
The Consular Division will submit the following documents to the relative / next of kin :
- Certificate of Death
- Certificate of Burial
- Death Report
- Copy of Passport / Identification Card (original document will be submitted directly to the respective departments in Malaysia).

Lost of Travel Documents/Passport Abroad
Report the loss at the nearest Police Station and present at the Embassy to file for travel document. Documents required to be submitted are as follows :
- A copy of the police report with English translation 
- Other documents that can be used as proof of citizenship
- 3 photos passport-sized
- An Emergency Certificate will be issued by the Embassy which would enable the person to travel home to Malaysia (one way trip).  
Registration of Absent Voters
Categories that qualified as an Absent voters:
i .  Armed Forces
ii.  Spouses to (i)
iii. Civil servant who are in service abroad
iv. Spouses to (iii)
v.  Students studies abroad
vi. Spouses to (v).
Those who not qualified as Absent voter has to return to Malaysia to cast their votes.
Notarial Functions 
To obtain the service of the Commissioner of Oath for the process of certifying and legalization of documents, please bring the following documents to the Embassy;
- Identification Card/passport 
- Documents to be certified
- Endorsement fee