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All individuals entering Malaysia starting 1st June 2020 must; -


i.  Complete and sign the Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LoU)


All individuals traveling to Malaysia must complete and sign the Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LoU) which can be downloaded from the following link:


a.  For Malaysian:

(Bahasa Malaysia Version)


(English Version)


b.  For Non-Malaysian (PR / LTSVP Spouse or Children/ Diplomat / Approved MM2H):

(Bahasa Malaysia Version)


(English Version)


ii.  Obtain the Letter of Approval from Embassy of Malaysia, Berne


Each applicant must submit a copy of their passport along with the completed and signed LoU via email to the Embassy of Malaysia, Berne at least three days before the date of departure.


The e-mail address is:


Subject to the approval, the Embassy will then issue the Letter of Permission to Travel to Malaysia by e-mail to the applicant.


Presenting the Approval Letter from the Embassy to Airlines, Other Public Transport Companies and Immigration Department of Malaysia


The letter of approval from the Embassy must be presented during the flight / public transport check-in process.


Failure to present this letter may result in the person being denied permission to board the aircraft, or other public transports in Malaysia. For entry by road, failure to submit the document will complicate the process of entering the country.



Embassy of Malaysia