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Embassy of Malaysia in Santiago Chile in 2017! For kind information. 11/26/16
Attending the National Day Reception of Algeria this evening (Thursday, 24/11/2016) 11/26/16
Brief Meeting with Marcelo Hidalgo General Manager of ChileHalal 11/26/16
Brief Meeting with HE Dr Guillaume Long, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of Ecuador 11/24/16
Attending the talk entitled 'Towards a Latin American ethical pact: Ecuador's struggle against tax havens' 11/24/16
Attending the Reception hosted by HE President Michelle Bachelet in honour of HE President Xi Jinping of China at the La Moneda Palace 11/23/16
Meeting with Jorge Camilo Valenzuela, Photographer/Filmmaker for National Geographic this afternoon (Tuesday, 22/11/2016). 11/23/16
Attending the National Day Reception of Lebanon today (Tuesday, 22/11/2016). 11/23/16
Perwakilan Santiago Meeting with the Embassy 11/22/16
Meeting held with Amb Gloria Navarrete, Chief of Protocol of Chile this morning (Tuesday, 22/11/2016). 11/22/16
Attending and Supporting the Association of the Spouses of Diplomats in Santiago XXI International Bazaar held at the Palestino Club, Av Kennedy, Las Condes Santiago today - Sunday, 20/11/2016. 11/22/16
In the Chilean News! 11/22/16
Meeting with Senator Alejandro Navarro; Councillors; and Economic officials of the Bio Bio Region this morning(Friday, 18/11/2016). 11/22/16
Interviewed by Channel 9 of TV Bio Bio and Channel 13 this morning at the Governor of Bio Bio Office - Friday, 18/11/2016. 11/22/16
Call on the Intendente or Governor of the Region del BioBio Don Rodrigo Diaz Worner today- Friday, 18/11/2016. 11/22/16
Meeting held this evening with Dr Mario Ramos and Dr Maureen K of the Universidad Del Bio Bio this evening 11/21/16
Meeting and Briefing by Mr Felipe Cabeza of the Universidad de Bio Bio this evening (Friday, 18/11/2016) 11/21/16
Meeting held with Prof Jorge Rojas the Vice Rector; and Dr Ivan Gomez the Director of the Universidad de Concepcion 11/21/16
Interviewed by Radio and TV Concepcion at the Universidad de Concepcion this afternoon (Friday, 18/11/2016) 11/21/16