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Meeting held with HE Ambassador Imad of Palestine at the Embassy of Malaysia in Santiago, Chile this afternoon (Thursday, 19/10/2017) 10/20/17
Luncheon hosted by Honourable Edgardo Riveros, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile in honour of Jorge Bermudez, Comptroller General of Chile whom will be running for the position of the Board of Auditors of the United Nations. 10/20/17
Farewell Reception hosted for Brigitta A-Ojeil, Charge D'Affaires of the Lebanon, held at Apostolic Nunciatura this afternoon (19/10/2017) 10/20/17
Meeting held today (Tuesday, 17/10/2017) with Mr. Ramon Santos Diez, the Chief of the Commercial Permit in Las Condes as to deliberate on the opening of the First Malaysian Restaurant/Cafe in Chile. 10/18/17
Call by Malaysian Tabligh at the Embassy of Malaysia in Santiago, Chile this morning (Tuesday, 17/10/2017) 10/18/17
Soon Another Chapter in the importation of Malaysia products i.e. fruits to Chile 10/17/17
A gift basket of Malaysian Products, sold in Chile, presented to the Mayor of Graneros for all assistance and cooperation rendered in making the HSN 2017 in Chile successful 10/17/17
Malaysian Food Promotion in Graneros during our National Spots Day Event, yesterday (Saturday, 14/10/2017). Thanking Perwakilan Santiago for their kind assistance. 10/17/17
Hari Sukan Negara 2017 in Chile via Horse Rodeo and Riding at Media Luna Graneros. Thanking all Malaysians for participating. 10/16/17
Hari Sukan Negara Malaysia 2017 in Chile also joined by Mayor Claudio Segovia of Graneros, Mayor Eduardo Soto of Rancangua, Senator Alejandro Gracia, and Member of Parliament Don Issa Kort. 10/16/17
Bernama News on Hari Sukan Malaysia 2017 di Chile. 10/16/17
Hari Sukan Negara in Santiago, Chille to be held this coming Saturday, 14/10/2017. All Malaysians residing in Chile are invited to attend and participate. Programme commences at 1.30 pm #fitWismaPutra 10/12/17
Meeting held this afternoon(Wednesday, 11/10/2017) with Officers of the Embassy of Malaysia in Santiago. The said meeting was to deliberate on issues concerning the LRS; and other matters pertaining to this morning teleconference held with Wisma Putra. 10/12/17
Borderless Training Programme conducted via teleconferencing by Wisma Putra for Locally Recruited Staffs of the Embassy of Malaysia in Santiago this morning (Wednesday, 11/10/2017). Thank you Wisma Putra. 10/12/17
Announcement 10/6/17
National Foundation Day Reception of the Republic of South Korea hosted by HE Amb Chung of Korea today (Tuesday, 3/10/2017), at the Sport Frances Golf Club, Lo Beltran, Vitacura. 10/3/17
Meeting with Ms Megane Soo, National President of the SME International Trade Association Malaysia (SMITA) this morning (Tuesday, 3/10/2017) 10/3/17