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Women at a Glance 2021 - Department of Statistics Malaysia

Malaysia Gender Gap Index (MGGI) score 2021 MGGI showed the score of 0.707, or 70.7 per cent in 2021, declined 0.7 percentage points as compared to 0.714 in 2020. Women’s achievement has surpassed men’s in the Educational Attainment sub-index with a score of 1.060. Health and Survival sub-index recorded a score of 0.960, followed by Economic Participation and Opportunity (score 0.709). Political empowerment recorded the lowest score with 0.100, showing women were still lagging behind men in the political arena. MGGI 2021 by states The three (3) states that recorded the highest MGGI scores were W.P. Kuala Lumpur with a score of 0.842, followed by W.P. Putrajaya (0.762) and Melaka (0.761). Seven (7) states recorded scores below the national equality level, namely Sabah (0.704), Kedah (0.703), Pahang (0.702), Perlis (0.699), Pulau Pinang (0.695), Perak (0.694) and Negeri Sembilan (0.686). Malaysia global rank Based on MGGI score of 0.707, Malaysia ranked 80 th from 146 countries in the world. Simultaneously, within East Asia and the Pacific, Malaysia at the ninth position in 2021 where we were ahead of Viet Nam, Indonesia, Cambodia and Japan. However, we were still behind New Zealand, Philippines, Australia and Singapore. Facts and statistics about women It is estimated that 15.6 million Malaysia’s population are female out of a total of 32.6 million in 2021. In terms of live births, baby girls recorded 212,848 births out of a total of 439,744 live births in 2021. Mean monthly salaries and wages for female employees continued to increase as the restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 were relaxed gradually as compared to the full lockdown in 2020. During 2021, the mean monthly salaries and wages of female employees rose to RM2,968 (2020: RM2,889).



The full publication of the Statistics on Women Empowerment in Selected Domains, Malaysia, 2022 can be downloaded through eStatistik portal.