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Title Publish Date
Garden of the Artisans Festival by Youth Square 12/8/19
Hong Kong Exporters’ Association’s 64th Anniversary and Christmas Luncheon 12/6/19
Sociedade de Jogos de Macau (SJM) Charity Auction & Dinner 12/6/19
The 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Office of the Commissioner of MFA of PRC in the Macao SAR 12/5/19
Business of IP Asia Forum in Hong Kong 12/5/19
The Hon. Mr. Edward Yau's Working Visit to Malaysia 11/27/19
ASEAN Luncheon hosted by CG of Thailand 11/26/19
Sunday Brunch hosted by CG of Qatar 11/25/19
The Art People Gallery TAPG Exhibition 11/24/19
Courtesy Call by Mr.Ricky Suhendar, Consul-General of Indonesia 11/20/19
The Annual Diplomatic Reception hosted by the Consular Corps in Hong Kong and Macao 11/18/19
Third & Fifth day of the Consulate assist Malaysian Students in Hong Kong 11/18/19
Consulate assist Malaysian Students in Hong Kong 11/14/19
Macao ASEAN International Chamber of Commerce visit to the Consulate 11/14/19
Consul-General Yap Wei Sin Courtesy Call on The Director of Immigration, Mr. TSANG 11/13/19
Luncheon with Edward Yau, Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development 11/12/19
Consul-General's Meeting with Mr. Steven Phillips, Director-General of InvestHK 11/12/19
Consul-General Yap Wei Sin Courtesy call on the Secretary for Development, The Hon. Michael WONG 11/11/19
Luncheon hosted by Deputy Commissioner Mr. Song Ru'an 11/11/19
RTHK Cultural Garden Program 11/8/19