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What to Do Before Your Automatic Two-Month Visa Extension Expires?




Consular Section



China has announced a temporary suspension of the entry into China by foreign nationals holding visas or residence permits still valid from the time of the announcement from 00:00hrs 28 March 2020. The practice will be subject to further review.

Malaysian citizens who have entered China before 28 March 2020, and have enjoyed the two-month automatic extension for their visa/permits, are strongly advised to purchase your tickets as soon as possible before the extension runs out. Direct flights from China to Malaysia and seats are still available but very limited. The Consulate General is unable to assist you in booking or re-booking your flight. We do encourage you to explore all your options to get to Malaysia.

The Consulate General of Malaysia would like to remind that a further extension for visa/permits would be difficult if you have already enjoyed the two-month automatic extension, and you might be subject to penalty fines of CNY 500.00 per day but not exceed to CNY 10,000.00 in total or detention due to overstay.

If your visa has been automatically extended, and you really need to have it renewed further, please consult with the nearest Exit and Entry Bureau as early as possible before it expires, instead of on the last expiration date. Whether your extension will be granted or not will depend on the Exit and Entry Bureau and subject to your actual situations and visa types. However, as we mentioned before, it is highly likely that the application for a further renewal would be denied if you have enjoyed the two-month automatic extension. 

In general, the documents required for visa/permits renewal may include but not limited to the following;

  • passport;
  • police registration (or accommodation registration from a hotel);

*make sure to update your residence information to the nearest police station if you are not staying in a hotel

  • application form (available at Exit & Entry Bureau);
  • standard visa photo for all China visas;
  • a statement explaining why you need to stay longer in China and relevant supporting documents (if applicable) ;

Consulate General is aware of the following airlines that may have flight options for Malaysian citizens who wish to return to Malaysia. Contact the airlines directly via their portal website, APP or Wechat official account for additional information or check with your preferred travel agency, ticket agent or the third party platforms, such as Ctrip(携程)and Fliggy(飞猪)etc.


  1. Malaysia Airlines

Tentative service schedules: every Monday, Guangzhou – Kuala Lumpur (round trip)

  • (COVID-19: Important Notice to Passengers)


  1. Malindo Airlines

Tentative service schedules: every Tuesday, Guangzhou – Kuala Lumpur (round trip)


  3. China Southern Airlines

Tentative service schedules: every Tuesday, Guangzhou – Kuala Lumpur (round trip)


  4. China Eastern Airlines

Customer hotlines: 95530

Tentative service schedules: every Sunday, Shanghai Pu Dong– Kuala Lumpur (round trip)


  5. Xiamen Airlines

Tentative service schedules: every Friday, Xiamen – Kuala Lumpur (round trip)


Note: Different airlines may give authorization to different third parties, so please try to explore more options.