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Consular Section



Those who are unable to contact or locate their family members/loved ones in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region or Guizhou Province may file a missing person report to:


            Consular Division

            Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia

            Wisma Putra, No.1, Jalan Wisma Putra

            Precint 2, 62602 Putrajaya


            Telephone       : +603 8000 8000

            E-mail              : bkrm@kln.gov.my


            After Office Hours [Duty Officer]

Phone No        : +603 8887 4570

E-mail              : dutyofficer@kln.gov.my


and copied to:


Consulate General of Malaysia in Nanning

International Chamber of Commerce Tower

No. 59, Jinhu Road, 530028 Nanning

Guangxi, P.R. China


Telephone       : +86 771 566 2562

                                    : +86 159 7778 3818 (after office hours)

E-mail              : mwnanning@kln.gov.my


To facilitate in locating the missing person, please provide the information listed below:


  1. Name
  2. Place and date of birth
  3. Copy of Malaysian passport
  4. Copy of Malaysian Identity Card (MyKad)
  5. Date of departure from Malaysia
  6. Date of arrival in the particular country and airport
  7. Subject’s full address and telephone number abroad (if available)
  8. Last known address of workplace (if available)
  9. Name and address of family/next of kin to be contacted in Malaysia
  10. Photograph of subject


The Consulate General will seek assistance from the local Public Security Bureau to investigate the case. The finding will be provided to the family of the missing person as soon as possible.