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Travel Advisory


The Consulate General of Malaysia in Nanning takes the safety and security of Malaysians in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Guizhou Province very seriously and provide credible and timely information in our travel advisory to enable you to make well-informed decisions regarding your travel to these places.


The Consulate General is ever ready to assist Malaysians traveling abroad. However, there may be constraints that would limit the ability of the Consulate General office to provide services.


Travel Checklist for Malaysians

  • Buy travel insurance. You should purchase the best travel insurance you can afford before you leave Malaysia to help you avoid any large expenses, such as the cost of hospitalization or medical evacuation.
  • Take personal responsibility for your travel choices. You are responsible for your personal safety abroad and your financial needs.
  • Have a valid Malaysian International Passport and Chinese Visa. Make a copy of your passport and MyKad and send to your personal e-mail in case for reference if your personal document is lost/stolen.
  • Protect your passport and promptly report to the nearest local police station and Consulate if it is lost or stolen.
  • Find the contact information for the Malaysian embassy or consulate closest to your destination and keep the information with you. 
  • Sign up for the Registration of Malaysian Abroad, which allows us to contact you in an emergency, such as an earthquake or civil unrest.
  • Respect and obey the country’s local laws, religions and culture.
  • Be prepared to cover additional costs for any unexpected expenses that may occur.


Response to an Emergency Situation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia and Malaysian Mission abroad will respond to an emergency situation that has the potential to endanger the safety or lives of Malaysian citizen abroad i.e. natural disaster, civil unrest or war. Therefore, it is important that you register with the nearest mission so that they are aware of your presence overseas.


During large-scale emergencies, such as natural disasters and civil unrest, the Consulate General office may:

  • Liaise with local authorities;
  • Liaise with families back in Malaysia or connect the said Malaysian with their families in Malaysia;
  • Provide timely information and updates through our website and social media as well as by phone, SMS and email.


Any emergency situation please contact the Consular Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia at the following address:

Consular Division

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia

Wisma Putra
No. 1, Jalan Wisma Putra

Precint 2

Telephone       : +603 8000 8000
E-mail              : 

After office hours:
Telephone       : +603 8887 4570
E-mail              :


And copied to:


Consulate General of Malaysia in Nanning

International Chamber of Commerce Tower

45th Floor, No. 59, Jinhu Road

530028 Nanning

Guangxi, P.R. China


Telephone       : +86 771 566 2562

                        : +86 159 7778 3818 (after office hours)

E-mail              :


What kind of consular assistance does Consulate General Office in Nanning provide?


Malaysian Missions abroad provide consular assistance such as:


  • Assistance to Malaysian nationals arrested abroad. After being informed officially of the arrest of Malaysian citizens, Malaysian Missions can contact the arrested / detained person, arrange for family / next of kin to be informed if they so wish, give advice and guidance with the primary aim of helping them to help themselves and provide a list of local doctors and lawyers.
  • Assists in the transfer of necessary emergency funds from relatives and/or friends in Malaysia.
  • In the event of injury, arrest or detention, Malaysian Missions abroad will assist in notifying your next-of-kin if you so wish.
  • In the event of the death of a Malaysian citizen overseas, Malaysian Mission is ready to assist Malaysians to bring back the remains of their family member or relative that had died abroad to Malaysia. However, the cost has to be borne by the relative/next of kin.
  • Issuance of visa to enter Malaysia (please visit
  • Registration of Malaysians living abroad
  • Notary Services
  • Issuance of Emergency Certificate (loss/damage of Malaysian International Passport)
  • Registration of marriage and marriage ceremony (please refer to Consulate General of Malaysia in Kunming:
  • Registration of birth
  • Registration of death
  • Application of Malaysian International Passport
  • Registration of voters
  • Issuance of Good Conduct Certificate
  • Serving of court documents abroad


What kind of assistance does Malaysian Mission abroad will not be able to provide?


Malaysian Missions abroad will not be able to provide:


  • Help you find a job overseas
  • Arrange visas, work or residence permits for other countries, or help you obtain them.
  • Become involved with judicial affairs on your behalf in child custody cases in mixed marriages.
  • Pay or guarantee payment of your hotel, medical or any other bills, including the cost of returning lost luggage to Malaysia.
  • Act as travel agent, bank or post office or store your luggage.
  • Become involved in commercial disputes or take up complaints about local purchase, etc.
  • Provide translation, interpretation, and telephone or photocopy services.
  • Investigate crimes in foreign countries.
  • Get you better condition in hospital than a local national would receive.
  • Provide accommodation at Malaysian Missions or the homes of officers overseas.
  • In the event of the arrest/detention of Malaysian citizens, Malaysian Missions abroad will not give legal advice, intervene in court proceedings or provide funds to pay for your legal costs of fines; Do something that is against the local law to help you; Become involved with the host government's affairs to get you out of prison or obtain special treatment in prison; Bail or pay for fines; nor become a bailsman, guarantor or sponsor.


Limitations to our services


Situations vary from one location to another, and there may be constraints that will limit the ability of the Consulate General office to provide assistance, particularly in the case of natural disasters or in countries or regions where the potential for violent conflict or political instability is high.


Our ability to provide services in some instances may also be hindered by the laws and regulations of host country.




Information on this web page is provided as a public service by the Consulate General of Malaysia. While every effort is made to provide accurate information, information contained here is provided on an “as is” basis without warranty of any kind, express or implied.


The Consulate General office assumes no responsibility or liability of any kind and shall not be liable for any damages in connection to the information provided. This publication is not intended to provide legal or other advice and should not be relied upon in that regard. The reader is encouraged to retain a lawyer and to supplement this information with independent research and professional advice.