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Travel Advisory as of 23 July 2020

Dear Malaysians and Eligible Malaysian and Approved Non-Malaysian Entry Permit Holders.

With the latest policy change as announced on 21 July 2020, travelers to Malaysia on 24 July 2020 onward (after obtaining the necessary approval for those who are applicable) are required to submit their signed Letter of Undertaking to pay for the 14 nights quarantine fee to the Embassy of Malaysia/Consulate General of Malaysia, 3 working days before their date of departure.

The cost of the quarantine is RM150/night/person. Underage children may share the room with a parent, however the quarantine cost for the children is subject to the discretion of the Quarantine Centers.


Please E-mail or contact our consular section at: or 69-8700 37 210 to obtain the latest LoU or can be upload through the link given below:


Upload the signed LoU, a copy of your passport with your details, air-ticket as well as a copy of your visa and approval letter (where applicable).

The Travel Permit issued from the Embassy/Consulate General is based on the signed LoU and is not to be taken to be the approval to enter Malaysia. The applicable travelers are required to obtain this approval from the concerned agencies in Malaysia.

Failure to do so will result in the denial of entry into Malaysia and immediate deportation with cost borne by the travelers themselves.

Please submit each LoU for each of your underage children to get the Travel Permit. Past experience showed that Airlines may also need to see Travel Permit for underage children as well.


Furthermore, please be advised as of 24 July 2020, Malaysians are no longer required to undergo the PCR/Swab Covid-19 tests before departing for Malaysia, but it is imperative to check if this is a necessary requirement for your respective airlines.

Thank you.