History History

The Embassy of Malaysia in Madrid, Spain was established in March 1986. Since its establishment, the Embassy┬┤s Office has been led by the Ambassador. The purpose of the establishment to enhance bilateral and economic relations between Spain and Malaysia have been enhanced from year to year until now. Currently both countries enjoy excellent bilateral and economic relations but at moderate rates. Since the visit of SPB YDP Agong and YAB Prime Minister in 2008 many visits both on government and private parties both have been done or at the ranks of government officials and leaders.

1.1      At the time of establishment, the Public Service Department approved four Home Based Staff (HBS) positions at the Embassy in Madrid, Spain which were:

          a. Ambassador
          b. Head of Chancery
          c. Third Secretary
          d. Personal Assistant to Ambassador

Apart from officers and staff from Malaysia (Home Based Staff), there are 10 posts created for Locally Recruit Staff (LRS).

          a. Chief Clerk (one position)
          b. Translator / Interpreter (one position)
          c. Clerk / Typist (two positions)
          d. Receptionist (one position)
          e. Driver (one position)
          f.  Second Driver / delivery (one position)
          g. Guard (three positions)

1.2    Currently, 4 HBS positions fulfilled i.e. Ambassador (Jusa C), First Secretary/Head of Chancery (Grade M44), Third Secretary (Grade N29) and Special Assistant (Grade N29).