Registration of Malaysians (Online) Registration of Malaysians (Online)




To enable the Embassy of Malaysia in Spain to provide assistance when the need arises or to disseminate information to Malaysians, it is important that we know how to reach you.  Therefore, all Malaysians living abroad are advised to register themselves at the Embassy.  This is a requirement which is clearly stated in the Malaysian International Passport.  Malaysians who fail to register would face the risk of having their nationality revoked under Article 25(2) of the Federal Constitution.

Application can be made in person at the Embassy or telephone or e-mail the Embassy upon arrival in the country. Address, telephone number and e-mail is available in the main page of this website. For short visits, it is sufficient to register by telephone or e-mail.


Documents required are as follows:

i.          Registration Form, duly filled     

ii.         1 passport size photograph

iii.        Passport (original and photocopy)

iv.         Identity Card (original and photocopy)

v.          Fee: Free of Charge


Information required are as follows :
-Passport number
-Current address in the country/ contact number
-Date of arrival
-Expected Date of departure