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Visa application can be applied via (1) Embassy or (2) eVISA online.


(1) Visa application via Embassy


1. Original passport with validity of more than 6 months;

2. One passport photo 3. Visa Application Form IM.47 in double sided format;

4. Latest one month bank balance statement the show ability to finance stay in Malaysia;

5. Confirmed return ticket - to show arrival and departure date to/from Malaysia

6. Finland/Estonia/Latvia Resident Permit;

7. Hotel Reservation or sponsor letter from friend/relative together with a copy of their passport/Malaysian ID and Malaysian permit/;

8. If you are employed, letter from employer grating your holiday for a specific time for holiday;

9. If you are self-employed, evidence of your business by providing company registration form;

10. If you are student, letter from school/college/university stating the course you are in and duration of your course;

11. If you are unemployed / dependent, evidence of any family or social ties acting as a sponsor;

a. identification proof (passport or ID);

b. evidence of relationship to you (marriage certificate, birth certificate);

c. copy of resident permit (for non-EU citizen);

12. Visa fee (Cash only) : Indian EUR 15,00, Chinese EUR 10.00, Others EUR 5.00

13. Visa processing take three (3) working days;

14. Appointment is required for visa submission (9.00 am - 12.00 noon, last appointment 11.30am).


Kindly assure that you have all the supporting documents with you. We have the right to ask for more supporting document or reject your application. It is the applicant responsibility to fulfil our visa requirement in order to be granted an entry visa to Malaysia. Applicant may be called for an interview, if required.



(2) eVISA application online (except Alien/Travel Document)


You may apply eVISA online from the Immigration department. Information on eVISA can be found here and application for eVISA can be apply here