Birth/Marriage Certificate Birth/Marriage Certificate



Non-Muslim Malaysian citizens who contract marriage outside Malaysia must register the marriage with this office within six (6) months.

 For registration of marriage, both husband and wife must be present at the Consular Office and submit the original and two sets photocopy of each of the following documents:

a)      UK marriage certificate

b)      Malaysian Identity Card (photocopy both sides)

c)      Both Passports with valid UK visa

d)      Two passport size photos

e)      Fee £5.00 (cash) for registration made within six (6) months from the date of marriage

f)       A penalty charge will be imposed for late registration

Muslim Marriages 

Muslim Malaysian marriages are subject to prior consent from the religious authorities in Malaysia and must follow the regulations set by the state religious department of the applicants. However, officials from the High Commission of Malaysia will be able to be a witness for the Wakallah Form (Borang Kebenaran wali) as part of the documentation requirements for the application process.



2.                  2.    REGISTRATION OF CHILD BIRTH

A child born in the United Kingdom can be registered as a Malaysian citizen at the High Commission with the following conditions: 

1)      The father of the child is a Malaysian citizen

2)      The Registration is made within one (1) year from the date of birth

3)      A Malaysian parent and the child must be present at the Consular Office and submit the original and two sets photocopy of each of the following documents:

a)      Malaysian Marriage Certificate

b)      Malaysian Identity Card of both parents (Both sides)

c)      Passports of both parents

d)      UK Birth Certificate of the child (Full version)

e)      Two photos of the child

f)       Fee £10.00  (in cash or postal order)

g)      A self-addressed envelope (A4 size) with £2.00 postage


Late Registration – Application made after one year of the birth of the child must be submitted to the National Registration Department for approval. The child and parents must be present at the Consular Division of the High Commission. In addition to item 3 (a) to (g) above, other requirements are:


a)      Letter from the father of the child explaining the reason for the 

delay in registration

b)      Self-addressed envelope (A4 size) with paid postage;

c)      Additional three passport-sized photos of the child;

d)      Birth Certificate of Both parents




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