Malaysia welcomes the mutual, unconditional ceasefire in Gaza commencing 21 May 2021 following eleven (11) days of hostilities, which

have left hundreds dead and thousands more injured, including women and children.


Malaysia congratulates all countries and parties that have facilitated the ceasefire to end the aggressions and hostilities perpetrated by

the Israeli Occupation Forces against the Palestinians in Gaza.


Malaysia urges all conflicting parties to respect and adhere to the ceasefire as well as refrain from taking actions that may undermine it.

All parties should take the opportunity of the ceasefire to de-escalate tension and work towards finding a long-lasting and peaceful solution to the

conflict. We support international efforts aimed at achieving a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace on the basis of the relevant United Nations

Resolutions and international law, including humanitarian law.


The ceasefire represents a crucial step forward in preventing further loss of lives and destructions, but more remains to be done. Given the

dire situation in Gaza, our focus should now be on providing immediate and unimpeded humanitarian assistance for the

Palestinian people and reconstruction of Gaza. We support all international efforts in this regard, and will work closely with relevant

parties, including Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and civil society. Furthermore, as the pandemic continues to be a pressing

matter, Malaysia stands ready to engage and support initiatives with our partners to rebuild Gaza’s only COVID-19 testing

laboratory, which has been destroyed in the Israeli attacks.


In welcoming the ceasefire, the international community must not lose sight of the prolonged suffering of the Palestinian people, and

the urgent need to end the illegal Israeli occupation. Malaysia reiterates our call for Israel to stop its flagrant violations of

international law through its inhumane, colonial and apartheid policies towards the Palestinians in Gaza and across the Occupied

Palestinian Territory in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Malaysia also demands Israel to end the ongoing illegal blockade and siege

against Gaza which has exacerbated the already dire humanitarian crisis there.


Our resolute support and full solidarity with the Palestinian people remains unwavering, including towards their right to self-determination,

and the creation of an independent and sovereign State of Palestine, based on pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as the capital of





21 MAY 2021