Asean-Malaysia National Secretariat Asean-Malaysia National Secretariat



The ASEAN-Malaysia National Secretariat (AMNS’s) main objectives are to serve as the national focal point and be the repository of information on all ASEAN matters at the national level.  AMNS’s primary focus is to protect, promote and advance Malaysia’s and ASEAN Member States' interest and to coordinate the implementation of ASEAN decisions at the national level.

AMNS is responsible for supporting national preparations of ASEAN meetings, to represent Malaysia at ASEAN Summits and ASEAN Related Meetings, and to facilitate the hosting of ASEAN meetings, conferences and seminars related to ASEAN during Malaysia’s turn to be the Chair of ASEAN. AMNS is also responsible for promoting ASEAN identity and awareness at the national level and to contribute to ASEAN community building.

AMNS is divided into three (3) divisions according to the ASEAN Charters pillars, namely - the ASEAN Political-Security Community Division (APSC), the ASEAN Economic Community Division (AECD) and, the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Division (ASCCD).

The AMNS shall:

  • Provide, promote, implement and enforce programmes and activities of ASEAN at the national level;
  • Strengthen cooperation between Malaysia and other ASEAN Member States and Dialogue Partners, Sectoral Dialogue Partners and Development Partner;
  • Facilitate relations between Malaysia and the National Secretariats of other ASEAN Member States, as well as with the ASEAN Secretariat based in Jakarta; and
  • Give full commitment and support to officials of other departments in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as to provide excellent and efficient services to the Ministry and other agencies in continuing to protecting and advancing the interests of Malaysia in ASEAN.