Attestation of Documents Attestation of Documents


Attestation Of Documents

Documents originating from Malaysia such as Statutory Declaration, Certificate of Origin, Power of Attorney, School Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc. requires authentication by the Consular Division before submission to various Foreign Missions for endorsements. Under normal circumstances, documents submitted can be collected on the same day or at the latest the following working day.

Application can be made at the Consular Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the following address:









TELEPHONE NO : (603)-8000 8000

                        E-MAIL : /

                        OPENING HOURS                                                                                     

                        Monday – Thursday    8.30 am – 4.00 pm

                        Friday                            8.30 am – 12.00 noon

                                                               2.45 pm – 4.00 pm


The requirement for the authentication at Consular Division is as follow:

1.         For authentication service applicant need to show IC/Passport.

2.         Endorsement of documents (import/ export)

  • Certificate of Origin – Must be certified by Chamber of Commerce/ Trade
  • Invoice and Bill of Lading – Must be certified by Chamber of Commerce/ Trade or   
  • Notaries Public
  • Health Certificate & Free Sales Certificates – Must be certified by Ministry of Health

3.         Endorsement of the following documents must be certified by the Notaries Public:-

  • Form 7
  • Form 9
  • Form 13
  • Form 20
  • Form 22
  • Form 24
  • Form 44
  • Form 49
  • Company Establishment
  • Appointment of Agent/ Board of Directors
  • Company Introductory
  • Power of Attorney
  • Affidavit
  • Agreement/ Contract
  • Memorandum together with Articles of Association Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority (LOFSA)

4.         As for the documents issued or approved by Federal Government or State, Ministry, Department Local Governments it could be certified without second endorsements such as passport, birth certificate, death certificate, land registration and excreta.

5.         As for the certificates from schools, colleges, and private universities including from overseas need to be certified by one of the following parties:-

  • Ministry of Higher Education/ Study
  • Embassy/ authorised foreign High Commission in Malaysia
  • British Council
  • Malaysian – American Commission on Educational Exchange Certificates from overseas universities where there is no Embassy/ High Commission in Malaysia need to be certified by Notary Public

6.         As for the original copy of school certificates, colleges and public universities, second endorsement is not required. Original document is required for the certification of true copy. However, if the original copy could not be presented, the copy of certificates must be endorsed by the Ministry/Department of Education/ Principal/Dean of Universities concerned with the name print, position and stamp of the Ministry/ Department/ University and etc.

7.         For Malaysian (Non-Muslim marriage), the Letter of Statement of Marital Status, must be issued by the National Registration Department. For Malaysian (Muslim marriage), the Single Status Certificate/ Letter of Permission to Marry, must be issued by the State Religious Department. As for other nationalities, the Letter of Statement of Marital Status/ Single Status Certificate/ Letter of Permission to Marry must be certified first by Embassy/ High Commission/ foreign Consulate concerned in Malaysia or certified first by Embassy/ High Commission/ Consulate General/ Consulate of Malaysia in respective countries.

8.         The endorsement of documents which have been translated from Malay to another language or otherwise, need to be translated by one of the following:-

  • Translator/ Malaysian Court Translator;
  • The Institute of Language and Literature (Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka(DBP));
  • Malaysian National Institute of Translation (Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia);
  • Translator appointed/ certified by foreign Embassy/ High  Commission to Malaysia; or
  • Malaysian Translators Association (Persatuan Penterjemah Malaysia (PPM)).